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Nagarjuna has developed speciality protocols
and adopted integrated and holistic approaches “to improve
the quality of life of ailing population”.


Silvia Lauri
My best Ayurveda experience. Special thanks to therapist, Dr. Manoj and Dr. Krishnapresu.

-Silvia Lauri
Montespertoli , Italy

Archana Sahana
Very nice setup. All the staffs are courteous and helpful. Great team. Doctors are very nice specially personal physician. Very good Ayurveda treatments.

-Archana Sahana
Gondia , India

Kashminder Kaur
Enjoyed our morning and evening prayer session. Excellent place to heal through Ayurveda. Enjoyed our morning and evening prayer session. Excellent place to heal through Ayurveda.

-Kashminder Kaur
United Kingdom

Nina Milan Shah

Enjoyed our stay. Lucky to have Dr. Aswathy as my personal physician, who was really helpful. Thank you team NagarjunaEnjoyed our stay. Lucky to have Dr. Aswathy as my personal physician, who was really helpful. Thank you team Nagarjuna.

-Nina Milan Shah
Mumbai , India

Strebel Danielle

Eventhough I ended-up with another place than I thought I booked, I really enjoyed the time and place and am happy I came and ended up here at Nagarjuna. Very good Ayurveda treatments for better health. I will definitely recommend Nagarjuna to all.

-Strebel Danielle
Wohlen , Switzerland

Anjeli P

I had a lovely stay and would like to thank all the doctors and therapists. Dr. Aswathy was very professional. Treatments by Philomina and Smitha were great. They are very dedicated and skilled. Thank you all for great Ayurveda Experience.

-Anjeli P
London , United Kingdom

Anupama Umakanth

The Doctors go into great detail to ensure comfort and good health. Personal attention is excellent. Dr. Aswathy was perfect. Everyone at Nagarjuna was really kind and caring. Thank you so much.

-Anupama Umakanth
Chennau , India

Afroz Anjum

Every person working here ,we found filled with devotion and sincerity. All my best with wishes to the whole staff working outstandingly along with a blissful smile every time. A great place to experience real Ayurveda.

-Afroz Anjum
Aurangabad, India

Amitab Saxena

Good time spent with nature and Ayurvedic treatment. The doctors are good and explain the reason behind every treatment, which motivate you to follow the instructions. You came out of the centre as a rejuvenated person ready to take the world once again with new vigour.

-Amitab Saxena
Bangalore, India


Nagarjuna Ayurvedic centre is a great place with excellent team work. Doctors and therapists are great. Services and care are outstanding. Thanks to my friend, Dr.Nambi Namboothiri, for introducing us to Nagarjuna

Chennai, India

Kathrine Murphy

My rating is 10 out of 10. Excellet place. Amazing experience. I will comeback for sure. Will recommend to friends.

-Kathrine Murphy
London, United Kingdom

Latha Govind

Myself along with my husband came here on 10.09.16 at 6.30 PM. The authorities have arranged transportation for us. My son was admitted here. As he found that the treatments were excellent, according to his suggestions, we have abruptly taken a decision to join him immediately at Nagarjuna. Dr.Krishna Prasu approached us and eager to assist us with a smiling face attracted us very much. The doctor was immediately informed our arrival to the senior chief physician Dr.Krishnan Namboodiri, and the doctor has taken keen interest in finalising the consultation on the night itself. We express our personal gratitude to the doctor for his patience. What we experienced here was that all the staff members are extending their personalised, dedicated, courteous service with smiling face, which we have not found in any such institutions. The therapist put their hard earned efforts, serviced us with 100% dedication and honesty. We wish them all the best and expect the same service to the patients in the future also.

-Latha Govind
Kannur, India

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