Nagarjuna Testimonials

Tomoko Suzuki, Japan

There are many ayurvedic centre in and around Ernakulam, Kerala. Your centre is the first once which responded and replied to my enquiry. After that your centre was quick and helpful whenever I asked questions by email. This relieved me much before coming. During my stay, every doctor and staff were careful, efficient and professional i confirmed. Thank you very much for your dedication to patients including me and i would pay respect to your love for the tradition of ayurveda. I will try to schedul my next stay as much as possible. Shanti, shanti, shanti

Sudha Kankaria, Delhi

Excellent place all very good. Wold love to come back for sure. Keep it up.

Vinay Chopra, Australia

Incredible services and staff. Very helpful treatment. Great community of people and very nice and friendly patients. Took away. Some key learning and felt better overall wish I stayed longer.

Sundaram Sarma, Canada

My wife and I came to Nagarjuna based on strong recommedation of her friend (from USA). It has been a most fulfilling experience during our 16 day stay. Understanding the root cause of our issues ( based on Vatha, Pitta, Kapha doshas) and tailoring the treatment to specifically target the deficinecy in the dosha was most enlightening. Chief Physician (Dr Manoj) and his team deserve all kudos for the attention to detail. The masseurs deserve special mention for their excellent commitment each and everyday. Quality of food was excellent and merits special mention. The ambience is very calm and peaceful, thanks to all the trees planted in the campus. We would definetly recommend Nagarjuant friends and relatives. To sum up a wonderful satisfying experience. Hope to visits again in 2019.

Rajeev Sundaram, USA

The care and attention by all levels of staff are exceptional from my first till the last day. The doctors have proper daily check ups and make sure your treatment is going as expected. The therapists araea extremely friendly and attentive to your needs, not to mention knowledgeable in each of the treatments. The quality of care also speaks for itself in the number of diverse return patients. I have had the pleasure of meeting. I will definitley come back in a year or two.

Siri Appaneni, Hyderabad

Nagarjuna is an excellent centre to get good Ayurvedic treatment with a inpatient facility. The personal attnetion given is great which is the highlight of this centre. The chief Physician Dr Manoj is a very patient listner and understands all history even if it takes couple of hours before putting a treatment plan which gives an assurance. Will definetly come back again in coming month.

Pallassanna Ramanathan Balgopal, USA

I cannot think of any as reflected in my ratings. All the staff are caring, sensitive and go beyond the call. A wonderful place to come for Ayurvedic treatment at a reasonable cost.

Rama Talwar, Delhi

It was a wonderful experience to be here. The best thing I saw here was that each every person irrespective of his caste, colour of status in life, smiled and wished each other. The doctors and the staff are very couteou and friendly. Here we met people from different parts of world and they were also very much at home with the people and took part in the activities. The firesh air and the greenery around is very soothing.

M. Chandrakumar, Japan

Overall amazing treatment and good services. Good food and pleasant hospitality. Little costly then local services. Very friendly environment. Enjoyed pick up services.

Murugan Ambigapriya, Japan

I really love the environment and friendly nature in Nagarjuna. Thanks to doctors and therapist who introduce me the ayuvedic treatment in a friendly way. Everyone has to experiene this in their lifetime once at least.

Sivadasa Menon, Cochin, India

Extremely glad to state that I had full satisfaction in the treatment undergone in this institution and also for my stay here during these days. In fact I searched for some loophole for pointing out but I have to admit that I could not succeed. I sincerely extend all good wishes to the institution.

VK Shah, Mumbai, India

A good Ayurvedic set up. Appreciate the people behind this team a lot for healing health care issues. Feel very comfortable after the treatment. Mental satisfaction is on the higher level. Feel very happy after the short treatment. Highly appreciated the special care received. Like to visit again. All the best for the growth of this Ayurvedic centre.

Nagarjuna Ayurvedic Centre, Kalady

Nagarjuna Ayurvedic Centre Limited (NACL) is the treatment and allied services wing of Nagarjuna Ayurveda. Since its inception, NACL has been playing a vital role in promoting genuine curative health tourism. The first initiative under NACL was Nagarjuna Ayurvedic Centre, Kalady situated on the banks of river Periyar.

Key Features
  • Situated in Kalady, Kerala - on the banks of river Periyar.
  • Successfully treated more than 15,000 patients across the globe.
  • Specially designed treatment protocols for chronic diseases
  • Internal and external medicines served, are manufactured at our own facility.
  • Service of expert doctors and qualified therapists
  • Serene and green atmosphere
  • Well-furnished accommodation
  • Homely vegetarian food

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