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Jalandhara M

Actually when I came I didn’t have high hopes for the comfort and facilities. My primary goal was to join my daughter and give her some comfort with Ayurvedic treatment. But as I came here and the kind of warm welcome and then doctors and others explaining each and every details patiently and make us believe we have come to a very happy, healthy, caring atmosphere where people resonate with our moods and feelings and accept us as we are. By the time we leave it is a second home rather than a hospital. When we are talking with co patients, some of them coming for 6th or 7th time especially from other countries I understood the kind of “we care” vibration in Nagarjuna. I congratulate the management and team of doctors for keep up the mood. Please continue to be like this for ever.

-Jalandhara M

Ravindra S R

I had entered into the premises of Nagarjuna with a different gate of mind. How the treatment will be, how will be doctors, staff, food, hygiene, ambiance, etc. Now I am very happy and grateful to everyone for the excellent care and exceptional treatments.

-Ravindra S R

M Chandrasekhar

The doctors and staff are very friendly and helpful. The relief and cure that I experience was beyond my expectation. The changes in my physique are so obvious, I feel so very happy. My family members are also impressed with the progress. Amazing therapy and support provided by the doctors and staff.

-M Chandrasekhar

T N Suneeth

The doctors and staff are friendly. The doctors explained the procedures and its benefits. The masseurs are punctual and rendered very good service. They too explained the procedure for each of the therapy that I underwent. The canteen staff are also very friendly and they explained the typed of food being served and the benefit for serving it. The house keeping staff maintained the rooms very well. I am very satisfied as the health issues for which i came here has been treated very well and there is a drastic improvement in my health condition. Overall, it was a great experience.

-T N Suneeth

Thankamany Sathian

Hospitality – Personal care – Treatment services are excellent. Chief physician Dr Manoj’s and Dr Indu’s day today interactions are excellent.

-Thankamany Sathian

Mariamma Jacob

I have experienced very good treatment and care. The doctors and staffs are extremely helpful and very friendly. That prompted me to come back here again for the second time.

-Mariamma Jacob

Anu Mathew
My brother recommended this place to me. This is my first Ayurvedic treatment I ever had in my life. I am very happy with the doctors and staffs here. They are all very dedicated and provided excellent treatment and care. We are planning to come back here next year for a treatment.

-Anu Mathew

Dr Meera Velaydhan

I have been suffering from chronic back pain due to IVDP since more than 20 years. I have taken Ayurvedic treatment several times at various hospitals. Finally I landed in Nagarjuna Ayurvedic centre I have not received such effective treatment else where. The personal care and treatment i got here is just amazing. Doctors explain all the procedures before it is done and closely follow up with the progress as twice daily basis. They made sure that i was comfortable in every way. Classes on Ayurveda, cooking, philosophy, yoga, meditation etc are conducted on a regular basis. All they add charm to the services rendered by the hospital. The ambiance is awesome with all medicinal plants and trees around. The hospital campus is so healthy and quiet. I never felt that i am in a hospital. It was a real holiday for me. People from far and near come here for treatment as well as rejuvenation year after year. This is proof of good service here. All staff right from reception are very cordial and attend to our need a complaints on the spot. I was under Dr Manoj’s treatment with Dr Krishna Prasu as his assistant. Both of them are so dedicated and committed. I appreciate and thank both of them from the bottom of my heart. May the almighty bless them with good health, long life and happiness. I can confidently refer anyone to Nagarjuna Ayurvedic centre for Ayurvedic treatment.

-Dr Meera Velaydhan

Baiju K G

My experience at Nagarjuna hospital was very good. I was suffering from severe backache and was feeling unwell. Now I am very much better. The medical staff and the non medical staff are doing an excellent job here. I would definitely recommend this institution to those in need.

-Baiju K G

Ramanathan K G

I enjoyed my stay here, though it brief, facilities and personal care shown by one and all are impressive.

-Ramanathan K G

Seetha Ramanathan

The days we spent here were hugely satisfactory. Medical attention was very good. Everyone was efficient and caring. Food was good and ample. We would be happy to come back.

-Seetha Ramanathan

Purvesh Vijay Rathi

This was my first visit to Nagarjuna Ayurvedic centre. Honestly I am very much satisfied with doctors, therapists, campus, canteen, supportive staff etc. I always had a healthy and informative discussion with Chief Physician Dr Manoj and personal physician Dr Krishnadas and Dr Yadu. Mr Manoj took good care of my comfort. All the staff members, doctors, administrative and supportive staff, therapists, canteen staff, cleaners, etc are helpful and are always smiling. I hope that i don’t have to visit Nagarjuna again for any treatment because I am very much cured. But in case if i have to get treatment for any condition in future. I will surely visit Nagarjuna. Keep up the good work, keep smiling. Expecting a prompt follow up for next 1-2 years.

-Purvesh Vijay Rathi

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