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Nagarjuna has developed speciality protocols
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Varghese Chirakal

Nagarjuna Ayurvedic centre, kalady is an excellent clinic, where I was treated by very competent and skilled doctors and therapists. A very family atmosphere and I felt here like at home. Every staff of the clinic is so friendly and attending. The caring of doctors and therapists is excellent. I like Nagarjuna very much.

-Varghese Chirakal

Vinod Gupta

Thank you Nagarjuna for excellent medical care and Ayurvedic experience. Overall good care with hygiene food. Thanks to Dr Manoj and his team to care about my health.

-Vinod Gupta

Dr Smitha K P

The stay here was quite pleasant. The services of each and every staff is highly appreciated starting from the chief physician Dr.Manoj to the cleaning staffs. Dr Manoj was extremely patient hearing our problems and attended us on a regular basis taking note of the improvements in our health. Dr Aswathy was so close to me and gave me all information regarding my therapies, medicines etc and on how it is going to benefit my health. The team of therapists who attended me were excellent and has given me special care. Yoga sessions, ayurvedic cooking classes, other sessions on Ayurveda all gave us a better understanding on Ayurveda. Along with all these sessions, the 14 days of therapy was a memorable and revitalizing one for me and my family. Now i am confident enough to recommend this centre to my relatives and friends. Special mention about the food provided here. It was tasty and healthy Ayurvedic diet.

-Dr Smitha K P

Vasanth Srikumar Varada

Hi, its been a very pleasant experience for myself and my spouse at NAC. In our 14 days long treatment schedule right from checking the details about NAC in the website and in NAC Fb page to the reservations part and blocking the dates for our treatment schedule all happened with lot of clarity. NAC website and FB page gives lot of information, which itself gives the client a feeling about the focus Nagarjuna have towards Ayurveda. The stay and the treatment undergone simply reinstate that once again. In the centre at the clinical side its taken care by the chief Physician Dr Manoj and his team comprise of 15 Ayurvedic doctors who attend very patient in not greater than 1:5 ratio which is extremely good and comfortable. A detailed and thorough examination by the chief physician and the session with him, where he charts out the treatment schedule after carefully going through and understanding the patients medical ailments through an upfront consultation was extremely useful and much appreciated. Resident doctors who interns plays the role of nurses too was also very friendly and was always available on call anytime. The team of therapists who eventually does/excites the treatment were found very experience, considerate and careful too. Not to miss out the inhouse canteen facility and about the Ayurvedic food served was quite in line with the treatment schedule, which too needs a special mention. The house keeping too was quite prompt and clean everyday. We have come to NAC for detoxification and rejuvenation and to overall modify/ correct food habits in line with a systematic life style which is more sustainable as we are in our forties. I feel the objective has met at our session at NAC and I strongly recommend NAC to all for a health mind and body. Kudos to the entire team at NAC. Look forwards to come again.

-Vasanth Srikumar Varada

Gita Nair

I have been here many times more than 12-13 years. This has always been a home away from home. Everyone here similar at you and makes you feel cheerful – I am convinced that this helps a lot in making patients better. All the staff, whatever their position, show this quality of care and attention and friendliness. This time, i came with a feeling of being unable to cope physically and mentally, i myself was surprised how this started dissolving as soon as i came into Nagarjuna. I continuous to feel better throughout the 21 day i was here and think i will be able to get back to my regular life with less worry an stress one i return. My thanks to everyone who smiled joked and impressed me with their understanding and wisdom.

-Gita Nair

Capt Aziz Alsamawi

I would like to thank you and doctors team for excellent treatment you provide in the Nagarjuna Ayurvedic centre, special thanks to doctors Vimal and Yadu for their professional , kind attitude and daily follow up. I am very impressed by your scientific approach of the treatment by taking blood for test and examine the heart before starting treatment. The care in the centre is excellent by all your staff. I have been treated by therapist Paul and Vijayan and other were very kind, polite, caring and professional. Most of the time doctors were present in the room during the treatment. I must thanks canteen staff for their care and politeness. Also thanks for cleaning staff for professional work, Many thanks for all staff including pharmacy, reception and customer care. There area many centres but Nagarjuna is one of the best where you find professionalism, attention and care. I would strongly recommand the centre for all required different effective treatment from western medicine. The ayurvedic is way of life treating whole your body, removing toxic from the body, improving blood circulation and making the body heeling the problem. It is effective though heeling is not fast as western medicine.

-Capt Aziz Alsamawi

Leena Gandhi Tewari

My husband and I have been visiting Nagarjuna over the last 10years and found their standards for quality exceptional from the time spent on taking patient history and careful construction of the daily treatments to crafted individualized menus where the food is both tasty and nutritious and portions generous to the daily attentive care by doctors, therapists, staff all done with genuine warmth and high sense of duty. The ambiance is lush green with periyar river flowing alongside. We have this a wonderful way to take care of our health in both treatment and preventive aspects, and to make the learning from here a part of our lifestyle.

-Leena Gandhi Tewari

Saranya S Vinjaradu

I am so grateful to Dr Manoj, Dr Anila and the massage therapists Smitha and Smitha S, Philomina, Nimisha etc. Manoj arragned for a better room for me considering my issues. He has been very helpful and attentive. Dr Manoj and Dr Anila are the best doctors and they make this place my favorite and my only choice for ayurvedic treatment.

-Saranya S Vinjaradu

N Sanyasi Rao

Service, treatment and hospitality are very nice. The campus is very much pollution less with pleasant environment and atmosphere. Much of greenery. Affordable expenses for treatment and stay.

-N Sanyasi Rao
Andhra Pradesh

Kuge Takashi

Oil massage feels so good, every treatment feels good and perfect, before treatment – start, therapist pray for treatment that treatment works well with our body and mind, that times makes my mind calm down and concentrate on treatment. Therapist are very kind and so friendly person, they help me and take care of me very hospitality all the time, also doctors are really eager and friendly and try to understand very well about my problem, anyone can come and relax and take a good treatment. Foods really delicious!

-Kuge Takashi

Surinder Kumari Singh

Chief Physician and personal physician are very nice. Treatments are very good.

-Surinder Kumari Singh

Daniel Gurmel Singh

We like all the doctors, all the treatments and the convenience of the room. Overall an excellent experience.

-Daniel Gurmel Singh

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