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Manju Sunil, Alappuzha, India

My experience here at Nagarjuna Ayurvedic centre was very pleasant. It was at a very good atmosphere. All the staff here are very friendly and I felt like family. All are providing good service. The food was very healthy and good. We are planning to recommend this to my friends as a result of the excellent experiences we had.

Sunil V T, Alappuzha, India

This is our first experience with Nagarjuna. We stayed along with our family. We are being treated as part of Nagarjuna family. Physicians approach was excellent. There was everyday rounds and treatment progress was clearly documented. Therapists were extremely helpful and caring feedback about therapies were asked by Physicians and minor changes were proposed and executed. One thing that also impressed as is the quality of food served in the canteen. Food was very tasty, hygienic and the attitude of the staff was extremely good. Children were very happy staying with us and special attention was given to them by all staffs. Our overall experience was excellent and we are planning to come again.

Surender Kathulla, India

It is an excellent feeling to be here in Nagarjuna. As always we talk about Nagarjuna and we recommend to friends and family members. Thanks to everyone.

Tamanna S Singh, Panchkula, India

Since this was my 1st visit to Nagarjuna, I was as bit skeptical before I came. But all my apprehensions were put to rest with the wonderful team here. I found this place to be a perfect balance between a Spa and a hospital. Everyone is warm, kind, cheerful and very helpful but at the same time you are assured of genuine ayurvedic treatment and not a spa beauty regimen. The doctors, the staff from the canteen staff to the masseurs and cleaning staff are all extremely helpful. I came here with lower backache (L4-L5 disc herniation), neck ache and head aches and am so much better after 14days of treatment. I am hoping for still better recovery after the follow up medication period is over. My favorite part of the entire treatment has to be the prayer that was recited before every treatment session – what a peaceful, blessed aura it gave! Looking forward to coming back next year with my mom!

Anuradha Deshmukh, New York, USA

Always a good experience and very rejuvenating. Will highly recommend Nagarjuna to friends and family. Will look forward to continued relationship with Nagarjuna.

Dr Jaibharat Laxmanrao Potode, Amravati, India

I had pain in my left knee joint as well as back pain. I had tingling and numbness(partial) in my left foot plantar area. After treatment I have been relieved much of the knee joint pain. There is good improvement in sensation in my left foot especially plantar area. My back pain almost vanished. I would advise some of my friends who are having knee and back problems to avail the treatments at Nagarjuna Ayurvedic centre.

Dr Sobha Jaibharat Potode, Amravati, India

From 1st day we joined I had pain in back. It was spasm and pain in right knee and both feet – dorsal relief in back muscle as well as in feet and knee joint. After 4-5 days it was totally abolished and felt very good and enthusiastic. As my daughter and son in law were with us, we enjoyed our stay and we both were really in need of such relaxation. Behalf of our hectic schedule at our place we never get such rest and relaxation. I would suggest everyone in my family to attend Nagarjuna centre for very good Ayurveda experience.

Bessy Mary Varghese, Sydney, Australia

It was my first experience of having ayurveda treatment. Such a nice experience!!!. The approval of doctors ( both the consultants and junior doctors) is outstanding. As the treatment is personalised it is very effective. All over an excellent experience here in Nagarjuna.

Fr. Thadathil Kuruvilla Chacko, Cochin, India

Yet another visit to Nagarjuna for a holistic healing. Going back both body and mind recharged. Thanks to all especially to Dr Manoj and Dr Vimal for these compassion, care and skillful direction. Good staff working with a smiling face everywhere.

Ramnath Iyer, New York, USA

I was researching for a good Ayurvedic treatment place from US. I shortlisted few of them and sent inquiries to all of them. You were the only one to send a response back immediately. I was surprised at the prompt response that I kept receiving to all my questions. So I decided to come here. You gave very clear advance emails of the facility, treatment and associated charges. I was received at the airport by your staff and was very happy to be received promptly at the centre. I was assigned a doctor and they were very attentive and paid close attention to my problems. I have been suffering from pain in my legs for 9 years with no relief at night, so i was skeptical as this my first experience with Ayurveda. Your medication, massage and therapies have made in a pain relieving experience for me. I started feeling the difference from thrid day. I am confident that with the medications given to me for next 3 months, I will be fully covered. I was not even able to flex my toes, now I am able to flex it freely. Your room services, canteen, accounting, reception, doctors and other staff have been very professional and pleasant. Keep up the good work.

Ankita Sen, Delhi, India

The ten days stay in Nagarjuna is a very good experience. Starting with Dr Manoj’s detailed consultation and Dr Neethu’s personal care. Therapist are very well trained and are very supportive. They take care of all the comforts during the therapy. Cleanliness of the campus is also very good. Food and canteen service is also very good. All the staff has a very pleasant appearance (always greeting with smile). Above all along with my health, my attitude towards life has also improved. I really feel rejuvenated.

Sumita Chatterjee, ,

I am very happy with the room, food, treatments, doctors, medicines, special appreciation for Dr. Krishnan, Dr Anila, Dr Amrita for supporting me emotinionally and physically through my difficult times. Prompt response and constant supervision, personal care of the doctors is amazing. I see the dedication and compassion towards the patients. I am grateful to my therapists- Ramni, Rajni and Sibila for their expertise care and loving treatments. Latha chechi was so loving and caring and always made us feel at home. Rajesh, Vinod and Shino along with Mary and Bindu at canteen are really sweet, cordial, serving always with a smile.

About Nagarjuna Ayurveda

NAGARJUNA AYURVEDA – An initiative to provide, the best solution in health care and treatments using traditional, authentic and scientific Ayurveda. Nagarjuna Group holds a strong heritage and is one of the first corporate Ayurvedic Groups from Kerala – the Southern State in India rightfully called as the ‘Cradle of Ayurveda’.

Nagarjuna Ayurvedic Group was established with the mission of restoring Ayurveda as a mainstream health management system.

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Key Features
  • Popularising Authentic Ayurveda
  • Conducting Product & Clinical Research
  • Manufacturing High – Quality Ayurvedic Products
  • Providing Holistic Ayurvedic Treatment Services

Why Nagarjuna Ayurveda

You can avail of a free online consultation with our Ayurvedic physicians. Lifestyle is one of the major reasons for ill-health which could later lead to serious diseases. For an initial assessment of your life style by our physician, please spend one minute in order to fill the lifestyle questionnaire.

An experience of more than 3 decades in Ayurvedic outpatient and inpatient treatment

Manufacturing over 570 medicines and an all India distribution network with over 18000 ayurvedic doctors prescribing our medicines

Through our Hospital we have so far treated more than 10,000 patients from around 70+ countries.

A fully fledged ISO certified Research & Development division, and NABH certified hospital.

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