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Nagarjuna has developed speciality protocols
and adopted integrated and holistic approaches “to improve
the quality of life of ailing population”.


C. Krishnamoorthi

In my honest opinion, NAC is providing services highter to any other Ayurvedic Centre/ Hospital in the country. There is no scope for any complaints about anything in NAC. Excellent place for healing.

-C. Krishnamoorthi
Cochin , India

Mintha Guddi & Brigith

First of all we would like to express our gratitude for all in Nagarjuna family and for what you are doing for us and our health. Services are excellent. Thanks to Bina, who is professional, service minded and pleasant.

-Mintha Guddi & Brigith
Frederiksberg, India

Babu Ezhumavil

The musical evening excited me. Music heals- vibrations pass to you. I wish all the best to the institution. I spent my 20 days among many smiling faces of NACL. Wounds anywhere on you are getting healed. This is a pacific ocean on land leaded with love and care.

-Babu Ezhumavil
Ahamadabad , India

Arundhati Mehta

The Doctors, therapists, canteen staffs, cleaning staffs, office staffs, all are very polite, helpful, smiling and prompt. I would highly recommend this as the best place for Ayurveda treatment.

-Arundhati Mehta
Mumbai , India

 Riddhi Iyer

I would like to highly appreciate the doctors, therapists, each and every staff on their remarkable attitude and always ready to help. Keep up the good work.

- Riddhi Iyer
Mumbai , India

 Harsha Shah

I am pleased with my therapeutic treatment experience. Medical staff, therapists, attendants, receptionists, cleaning, crews, internet experts and the canteen staffs are excellent. All are very professional, caring, helpful and accomodative.

- Harsha Shah
Florida ,USA

Susan Joy

Dr. Anila was marvelous. Answered all my questions and she was always happy to explain treatment. Therapists were always friendly, kind and professional. Kitchen staffs were friendly, prompt and helpful. Also cleaners and reception staff did a good job. Great overall experience.

-Susan Joy
Brownke NT, USA

Sonal Gandhi

Dr. Manoj and Dr. Anila were outstanding – highly effective communication and treatment. Remaining physicians were very helpful too. Therapists were very polite and always smiling and were taking good care.

-Sonal Gandhi
California, USA

Tracy Bown

It is a great Ayurveda centre and look forward to come back. Dr. Jery was very attentive and approachable at all time. Excellent experience.

-Tracy Bown

Srividhya Aravindan

Staffs were extremely excellent. All smiling and helpful. The Nagarjuna Hospital will be recommended to every possible person. Kudos to the entire team.

-Srividhya Aravindan
Chennai, India


During my stay here, I was very comfortable and enjoyed a lot. All staffs were very friendly and polite. Working hard. I felt very good energy and atmosphere. I am happy to stay here to spend X’Mas and New Year.

Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

Nilay Deshmukh

Nagarjuna has created a very uplifting and healing enviornment for the patients/ guests. I congratulate every single member of the family on creating a positive experience. I am sad to leave the centre but would cherish the experience. Will come back to experiance this warmth once again.

-Nilay Deshmukh
Canton, USA

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