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Sujata Chatterjee

For the past 2 and half years my menopause was setting in and I used to generally feel unwell. 2017 Jan onwards I completely lost my vitality and had severe UTI, diabetes, eye problems and I put on lot of weight. I started Ayurvedic medicines from Feb 2017 and was better but not stable. That is when Nagarjuna came into my life and after 4 days of treatment I got my normal periods after 2 and half years. On 14th – 16th day of the treatment here, I felt lighter, happier, energetic and the mental and emotional strength to take on life. Thank you so much.

-Sujata Chatterjee

Kishore Kumar

We have come from Orissa for Ayurvedic treatment at Nagarjuna. The treatment process is good. We are satisfied with the dealing/behaviour of the entire staff of the institution. We enjoyed the treatment for last 20 days and now feeling good. Thank you

-Kishore Kumar

Ravi Gupta

It was really a amazing experience to stay at Nagarjuna for treatment and all credit goes to Dr Krishnan for his whole hearted hospitality, care and concern for patients treatment. He was always at toe to solve even minute problem with any of the patient and come immediately without loosing a minute to take care of patient . I would like to share my wonderful experience with my friends and relatives so that they can also get benefit. Thanks to all doctors and therapist who looked after us during our 21 days stay at Nagarjuna Ayurvedic Centre.

-Ravi Gupta

Veena Gupta

My sincere thanks to all doctors, therapist and other staff who did their best to make our stay most memorable specially Dr Krishan who is most knowledgeable and down to earth to take care of all patients without wasting even simple minute. All thanks to the team for managing Ayurveda center so decently and care with even slightest problem to patients.

-Veena Gupta

Chandrakant Ramchandra

Planning of each therapy was excellent. Above all special care was taken during the application of therapy on painful parts of the body which resulted fruitful regarding their cure for the most of the time. Especially reducing the inflammatory, mental and physical relaxation and having the hope to have pain free days ahead. The centre is really providing the best service of Ayurveda. Salute to Dr Namboodiri his team members Dr Krishnadas and Dr Anooja. Last but not least the employees are well trained, soft spoken, loving and highly skilled. Each time they built the confidence among the patients like me and my wife. We, the patients coming from the last corner of Maharashtra nearly 300kms away from Pune(MS) are very, very happy about the treatments, therapies meant for us and a true work of Ayurveda is done by NAC, Kalady. Hats off to the whole team of NAC Kalady. Hope all the best for the centre and the staffs. Jay Dhanwanthari.

-Chandrakant Ramchandra

Sreedevi Sankaran

Wonderful stay and rejuvenation, got introduced to and interacted with many people. Meeting Dr Raman was a special experience. Would recommend this ayurvedic experience to anybody wishing a better life – both for body and mind. Quite relaxing and rejuvenating.

-Sreedevi Sankaran

Dr M S Sankaran

This is the third time I am visiting Nagarjuna Ayurvedic Centre. Everytime the experience is very good. Like the informal way the patients are treated and I felt very homely. The ambient of the centre being most suitable for a exalted feeling of the person undergoing treatments, he/she feels rejuvinated both in terms of body and mind. On the whole it was a rewarding experience for body and mind and definitely i will be visiting you again.

-Dr M S Sankaran

Amit Ranjan

Overall I had very good experience at Nagarjuna Ayurvedic Centre. Impressed by the level of knowledge and the treatments offered. Impressed by the professional attitude and care for minute details. Impressed by the post treatment follows ups and after discharge guidance. Thank you

-Amit Ranjan

Rakesh Kumar

During our stay in the Nagarjuna Ayurvedic centre, we experienced a unique treatment of herbal medicines in the clean and green environment resulting a very healthy atmosphere leading to considerable improvement in my health condition. Doctors, therapists are very supportive and co-operative and their behaviour is praiseworthy. Massage with warm oil and potali massage is a new experience for me and provided me a complete satisfaction bodily, mentally and emotionally. In the end, I wish all the best to Nagarjuna Ayurvedic centre for their vital role to provide Ayurvedic treatment to people from all walks of life.

-Rakesh Kumar

El Helwe Medhat

The whole experience was perfect from day one. Very clean, very convenient, very professional and the staff is extremely friendly and co operative. Doctors are very caring and the daily follow ups gives you a sense of knowledge and awareness of the progress. Chief Physician Dr Manoj Kumar and his doctors team treat you as a member of family and not just guests. They have been wonderful, professional and caring to the extreme. I am very happy that i chose Nagarjuna from all the ayurvedic centres in kerala. I look forward to coming back here for another treatment period for extended results with this lovely family.

-El Helwe Medhat

Meenakshi Mohan

My overall experience at Nagarjuna Ayurvedic centre has been excellent. The professionalism and care of the staff was par excellence. This is the main attraction to come back as doctors/staffs care validates a patients overall well being and expands their mind body awareness and connects their spirit to the divine treatment. The atmosphere and ambiance adds to its charm and its magnificence in enhancing the quality of treatment for patients. Well done – staff, team Nagarjuna.

-Meenakshi Mohan

Velayudhan Nair S

I came in with cervical spondilitis, had pain on my hand and shoulder. After 5 days of treatment, I was back to normal. The treatment was fantastic. Doctors took personal care to explain the treatment regime and had daily interaction. The massuere were professional, dedicated and confident. They knew what they were doing. The facilities are good and meets the requirement for a long stay in comfortable manner. The concept of your own dedicated doctor is a luxury and cannot be seen anywhere else. Overall an outstanding experience. Will never hesitate to recommend Nagarjuna to anyone in need.

-Velayudhan Nair S

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