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Nagarjuna Social Service Society

Nagarjuna Social Service Society (NSSS) carries out the promotional activities related to Medicinal Plants begun by NRF, by preserving a big herb garden as well as herbal nursery and is growing huge numbers of medicinal plant saplings in order to distribute to the common public at nominal prices. Varied efforts are being taken to make the cultivation of medicinal plants profitable.

Under the aegis of Nagarjuna Research foundation and the Nagarjuna Social Service Society, Nagarjuna had initiated ongoing programs for promoting the cultivation of medicinal plants and trees. For that, there is a registered charitable trust with an objective to conserve, promote and popularize medicinal plants. The emphasis is given to preserve the rare species of medicinal plants which are on the verge of extinction, resulting in severe damage to thousands of precious medicinal flora all over the country. From time immemorial, various medicinal herbs have been made use as medicines. Needless to say those medicinal plants have wonderful curative and prophylactic uses. Such plants being grown in and around our living places are off late being neglected.

Nagarjuna since 1990 has developed a separate wing to review this situation and bring a number of medicinal plants to the reach of common public. An ambitious program has been developed for scientific propagation of medicinal plants using defined methods of cultivation. Nagarjuna has been relentlessly promoting the cultivation of medicinal plants, since 1990 has developed an Herbal garden having more than 100 species of rare medicinal plants.

  • Nagarjuna Social Service Society (N.S.S.S) realizes the social objective of propagation and awareness of Ayurveda System, Medicinal plant cultivation, conservation of rare and endangered plants etc.
  • First to initiate massive propagation programme like establishing Devaranyam for medicinal trees.
  • First to initiate training for good harvesting practises.
  • Training for good cultivation practises.
  • Training for good preservation practises.
  • Flagman of conservation of endangered medicinal plants

Our Objective

  • Steps to save endangered plant species like Trichopus zeylanicus, Saraca asoka, Aegle marmelose etc.
  • To promote in situ and ex situ conservation of medicinal plant diversity, including rare species.
  • Provide technical assistance in establishing herbal gardens.
  • Conducting training programs for women groups and public in cultivation of medicinal plants.
  • Conservation of rare medicinal plants which are under the threat of extinction.
  • Increasing the availability of the medicinal plants utilized in ayurvedic and other sectors through scientific propagation and defined cultivation methods.
  • Creating awareness on the importance of medicinal plants within the society.
  • Development of Bio-fertilizers and Natural pesticides for the growth and maintenance of medicinal plants.

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Major Achievements

  • 10 lakhs medicinal seedlings covering 100 species were distributed to public in Kerala during last 8 years.
  • Promoting medicinal plant cultivation through P. K. Narayanan Oushadhamitram Award for outstanding scientific and systematic farmers since 1997.
  • Established medicinal plants garden in public places like museums, dam sites, various college campuses etc.
  • Medicinal trees cultivation in wastelands.

Major Goverment projects undertaken

  • Medicinal Plants cultivation in Western Ghat as an income generation programme sanctioned by the Planning Department, Govt. of Kerala.
  • Medicinal Plants propagation and established herbal garden sanctioned by National Medicinal Plants Board.


  • Undertaking projects of National Medicinal Plants Board.
  • Facilitating the Western Ghat Development scheme on medicinal plants cultivation.
  • Published 2 Books on Medicinal Plants.
  • Telecasted 100 episodes on medicinal plants cultivation in various T.V channels
  • Conducted more than 500 Seminars on medicinal plants cultivation in different parts of Kerala.
  • Standardized more than 250 crude drugs based on CCRAS standards Approval for Crude drug testing from Dept. of Science & Technology, Govt. of India and Drugs Controller, Govt. of Kerala .
  • Guiding students of Graduate and Post graduate levelin various subjects like Chemistry, Biochemistry,Biotechnology, Botany etc.

Nagarjuna Herbal Nursery

Nagarjuna Ayurveda carries out the promotional activities related to Medicinal Plants, by preserving a big herbal garden as well as herbal nursery. Nagarjuna Herbal Nursery is producing huge numbers of medicinal plant saplings in order to distribute to the common public at nominal price. The Herbal garden includes 200 rare species for demonstration. Around 200 Medicinal Herbs, 250 Medicinal trees, 100 Ornamental plants, 150 varieties of fruit plants and 20 varieties of Plantation crops are available in the nursery. Also available are some groups of plants such as Star trees (NAKSHATRA VANA), Thriphala, Thrikatu, Dasamoolas, Dasapushpas, Navagraha vrukshas, Raashi vrukshas etc. Nagarjuna Herbal Nursery is located at Vazhakulam, opposite to Vishwajyothi Engineering College, Thodupuzha – Muvattupuzha Road in Kerala. We have an Herbal Wagon travelling all over Kerala for the distribution, awareness creation and promotion of medicinal plants to the public.

For the last 30 years, Nagarjuna Ayurveda is committed to popularize and promote cultivation of medicinal plants through various programs such as planting and distribution of 50 lakhs saplings, providing technical advice to farmers, conducting more than 2000 awareness classes in schools, colleges, religious institutions, public institutions etc. As a part of these awareness programs, we have published more than 200 articles in periodicals and telecasted more than 200 episodes of TV programs through various channels. Nagarjuna has also participated and implemented many Central and State Government projects related to medicinal plants, like Medicinal Plants Board projects, Ministry of Environments projects, Western Ghat Deveopment project etc.

Nagarjuna organizes an endowment entitled ‘P.K Narayanan Oushadhamithram Award” annually for the best farmer who cultivates medicinal plants scientifically. The endowment was started in 1997 and is named in the fond memory of Sri P.K Narayanan, a well known agricultural evangelist, former Rubber production commissioner and former Executive Director of Nagarjuna

UNDP project

Nagarjuna has been selected to partner with UNDP (United Nations Development Program) for developing medicinal plants-based home gardens to sensitise on biodiversity conservation and dissemination on traditional medicinal knowledge. The project is spread across the environmentally fragile Western Ghats mountain area of Kerala.

The Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change and United Nations Development Program (UNDP) through funding from Global Environment Facility (GEF) supports the implementation of the project. Haritha Keralam Mission is the special purpose vehicle for implementation of the project in Kerala state. Kerala State Forests and Wildlife Department has been entrusted with the responsibility for carrying out activities in the forested areas.

he project area consists of 11 Grama Panchayats, covering an area of 2198.78 sq. km, in 4 Block Panchayaths of 3 districts – Idukki, Ernakulam and Thrissur.

The Grama Panchayaths have been segregated into 4 clusters:

  • Munnar Cluster – Chinnakanal, Munnar and Devikulam
  • Anchunad Cluster – Vattavada, Kanthalloor and Marayoor
  • Edamalakkudy Cluster – Edamalakkudy
  • Kuttampuzha Cluster – Mankulam, Adimali, Kuttampuzha and Athirappilly

The project brings in a landscape and cross sectoral approach to sustainable development and biodiversity conservation in planning, capacity building, piloting models and conducting one-time activities.

  • Mapping and assessment of the extent of medicinal plants cultivation in the home gardens in the selected GPs
  • Expanding the cultivation of medicinal plant species as homestead cultivation among the community members
  • Dissemination on the traditional knowledge around medicinal plants among the community members
  • Exploring the possibility of medicinal plants garden at public locations

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