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Nagarjuna has developed speciality protocols
and adopted integrated and holistic approaches “to improve
the quality of life of ailing population”.

Nagarjuna Testimonials

Malgorzata Agniez


I came with my daughter here after recommendation of one of my friends.I had severe lower back problem and osteoarthritis issues and was taking pain killers very often.After the treatment I stopped taking pain killers and feel that I am completely

Mr & Ms Ricordo Chavez


Mr & Ms Quillere

Yuko Marito

Ramachandra Pai


A friend suggested this place to me. I have sugar ailment which has come down 30%now. The treatment and food is great. All the staff is like a family.It was a wonderful experience

Shyam Manohar Pachouri & Sunita Pachori


One of our relatives suggested Nagarjuna..We had issues like BP,knee pain and shoulder pain .After the treatment we can feel atleast 80% improvement .The staff is so sincere and we can always see them with a smiling face only

Nirmal Sharma


One friend refered me to Nagarjuna..I had a lot of acidity issues . After 9 days' treatment I feel so good and feel completely cured

Capt.Sandeep Suresh


One close relative suggested this place to me.After the rejuvenation treatment and have been introduced to a new life syle which I will try to adopt from now,The doctors and staff are wonderful and it was a great experience.

Adithi Ghosh


I had a lower back pain and sciatica and have been taking pain killesrs so often.After 10 days treatment I feel much better.There is a set of people here who is so caring.Doctors listen to your minute details about your illness which is what I fel

Anju Rampuria

This is my second trip to Nagarjuna.This is place is so great,food is awesome. Doctors and staff are very caring. Treatment is so pure and relaxing.I would love come back here again



I had severe back pain for 8 years and knee pain for last 6 months.A friend in Malaysia refered Nagarjuna to me. Aftre the treatment my pain is fully gone and I lost some weight too.I never expected to get this much result when I started treatment

Prasanth Tiwari


We have been coming here for the last 10 years.Each trip we feel so relaxed and rejuvenated. The doctos and staff are extremely friendly and competent. The food is excellent. We have changed our lifestyle in the last 10 years and become more healt


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