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Nagarjuna has developed speciality protocols
and adopted integrated and holistic approaches “to improve
the quality of life of ailing population”.

Nagarjuna Testimonials

Prem Kumar and Dr.Chellamma


We had a great Nagarjuna experience. We could feel that we are well rejuvenated and Dr.Manoj and team practice what they talk

Balraj Sinha


I found Nagarjuna on google and am fully satisfied with rejuvenation treatment at Nagarjuna

Kishore Kumar


I am fully satisfied with the rejuvenation treatment at Nagarjuna. The staff and facility are simply superb

Mrs Jennifer & Mr.Cherian

United Arab Emirates

One of our friends in Dubai refered Nagarjuna when we were planning for an ayurveda treatments.We are so happy with the rejuvenation treatment and we feel it was the right decision to select Nagarjuna among many ayurveda hospital in kerala

Susheela Murali


I have been suffering from neck pain for last 6 years and it started to radiate to my head.I used to cry with a lot of pain and tried many treatments.When I met Dr. Manoj he assured me of recovery and he and his team did it.I am extremely happy wi

Sankar lal Agarwal


I had a back pain in 2015,I came to Nagarjuna and took treatment ,I came in 2016 and 2017 and now my back pain and neck pain cured completely.Nagarjuna team has a special technique to cure all your joint pains.So I highly recommend Nagarjuna to ev

Anuradha Deb


One of my fiends refered Nagarjuna to me. I found this place so rewarding .The treatment is fantastic and scientific, totally different from my previous ayurveda experience.The staff and food all are wonderful.I will definitely recommend my friend


I was having pain on my neck,shoulders ,lumbar and knees for last 20 years.One of my friends suggested Nagarjuna.I did a lot of research and finally landed up here and I had some severe heart condition as well.Doctor assured me of relief and they



Dr.M.S.Sankaran & Mrs.Sreedevi


I came here for a skin problem and took treatment for a month.My problem was solved completely.I am coming every year for follow up treatment. It's a nice set up and the staff is excellent. Myself and my wife are extremely happy with the treatment


United Kingdom

I am with my mother here and really loved the treatment at Nagarjuna.We could learn a lot about ayurveda treatment,diet and yoga.It was a great experience

Mr.Paulose and daughter


My father was brought here after a stroke.He could not walk or even move his limbs.After 19 days of treatment he is able to walk slowly and his hands have become more flexible.The treatment and facility is excellent


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