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Shoulder Pain

Dr.C Manoj Kumar,Chief Physician, Nagarjuna Ayurvedic Centre Kalady, Kerala


Shoulder pain is one of the most common conditions affecting a large population. The shoulder is a ball and socket joint, wherein the round shaped head of the long bone on the upper arm forms the ball and the shallow space on the lateral aspect of the shoulder bone forms the socket. It is kept intact in its position during movements by muscles, tendons, ligaments and cartilages. Moreover the movements are smoothened by the presence of synovial fluid. The joint allows all types of extensive movements. Due to these range of movements, the structures at the joint can easily get damaged and become unstable. Shoulder pain may be localized, felt around the shoulder or radiating down through the arm.

The most common reasons for shoulder pain are biceps tendinitis, supra spinatus tendinitis, bursitis, painful arc syndrome, rotator cuff tear, labrum tear, acromio clavicular joint injury, frozen shoulder, osteo arthritis of the shoulder joint and dislocation of shoulder joint.

Ayurveda has effective treatments in managing such conditions. Therapies and internal medicines appropriate to specific conditions will give relief from pain and inflammation and help improve the various movements in the joints. Strengthening of the muscles and tendons are followed as part of treatment protocol. So the chances of relapse are very minimal. Surgery can be avoided in conditions of partial tear of tendons, acromio clavicular ligament injury and rotator cuff tear. Ayurvedic treatments for shoulder pain will be more effective in preventing further wear and tear in the joins, thus preventing further deterioration.

Nagarjuna has speciality medicines and oils for the treatments of the conditions mentioned above. With appropriate internal medicines, massage of the affected area with selected medicated oils, massage with herbal powder bag (podi kizhi) heated in the appropriate warm medicated oil, massage with herbal leaf bag (ela kizhi) dipped in warm medicated oil, pouring medicated oil all over the body (pizhichil) , cooked medicated rice bag massage (njavara kizhi), keeping medicated oil pool on the affected area (kati vasti), application of the herbal paste on low back, bandage of the low back with medicated oil. Panchakarma therapies like nasal drops (nasyam) with medicated oil are the procedures usually performed in the management of these condition.

The treatment materials, medicinal powders,medicated oils and internal medicines will change depending upon the condition and severity. Physiotherapy is also advised in certain cases for faster and better management.

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