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Symptoms and Ayurvedic Treatment for DIABETES TYPE 2

Dr.C Manoj Kumar,Chief Physician, Nagarjuna Ayurvedic Centre Kalady


Diabetes mellitus otherwise known as diabetes is a metabolic disorder with high sugar level in the blood for a longer period. Frequent urination, increased thirst and hunger are the most common symptoms. It is a condition, if not attended to properly, can badly affect almost all the systems and can lead to acute complications like keto acidosis and later complications like cardio vascular disease, stroke, kidney failure, loss of vision and amputation etc.

There are three types of diabetes. Type 1 is the type where pancreas fail to produce insulin because of the loss of beta-cells. In type 2, the cells fail to respond to insulin properly and also due to the lack of production of insulin in the later stage. The third one is a temporary increase in sugar level in pregnant ladies (gestational diabetes)

Ayurveda consider this condition as PRAMEHA. The word meaning itself is excess urination and is due to impairment in fat metabolism. Other than the symptoms explained in modern science, Ayurveda explains more symptoms like excess fatigue, reduced perception of eye, ear and tongue, heaviness on chest, abnormal growth of hair and nail. Prameha has been broadly classified into three (also as stages) and further sub-classified into 20, based on the features of the urine of a diabetic patient. Diabetes in the 3rd stage is incurable according to Ayurveda, manageable in the 2nd and curable in the first.

The initial stages of diabetes can be managed effectively with, internal medications, therapies, controlled diet and proper exercises. If the person is on allopathic medicines or insulin, he has continue the same and in due course, the dosage of which can be gradually reduced.Our goal is that the patient should be completely off modern medicines or manage diabetes effectively with minimum medicines or insulin. Diabetes, on the long run, affects the blood vessels and thus the circulation is also affected. Ayurvedic therapies will help improve circulation all over the body.

External therapies like whole body massage with specific herbal powders (Udwarthanam), therapeutic oil massage (Abhyangam). Pouring of stream of herbal decoctions all over the body (Dhanyamla dhara), Pouring of stream of medicated buttermilk on fore head (Thakra dhara), pasting a herbal paste on the head (Thalapothichil)etc are the therapies done generally to manage diabetes. As the condition affects the deeper tissues, proper cleansing of the body is very important. After few days of internal administration of medicated ghee (sneha pana), the patient is subjected to Virechana (Inducing purgation with certain herbal formulation). After the cleansing process, specific internal medicines are prescribed.

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