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Recurring Headaches and Ayurvedic Remedies

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One of the most common complaints made by adults, students and even kids is of headache. It is a very common illness mostly frivolous but enough to interrupt anyone’s daily chores. Headache can range from mild, severe to chronic based on fundamental reason and the pain bearing capacity of the individual. Headache is not really a disease but a symptom indicating one of the many issues like Migraine, Sinus, anemia, weak eyesight, high BP, lack of sleep, emotional stress, exertion, flatulence, hunger and so on. Apart from these issues like metabolic disorder, fever, ear, eyes and noses diseases can also cause headache.

Risks of Headache

Headache can prove to be more complicated than what people usually perceive it to be. Recurring headaches can result in depression, insomnia, anxiety and other physical and psychological disorders. To ward off pain people mostly get addicted to pain killers and caffeine rich products, which again is a problem in itself.

Treating recurring headache with Ayurveda

As per Ayurveda, pain is primarily a vitiation of vata dosha. However, vitiation of both pitta and kapha can also be the causes of headache.

  • Vata Headache – caused due to lack of sleep, stress and nervous exhaustion. Vata causes dehydration leading to constipation and stiff muscles around shoulders, neck and back. Remedy it to consume lots of water and clarified butter. Also 2 spoons of triphala powder with warm water early morning prove to be beneficial.
  • Pitta Headache - caused due to migraine. Pitta or fire is aggravating hence it’s important to cool pitta. Coconut oil massage on scalp, application of sandal paste on forehead, frequent meals and consumption of natural sugars like dates or jiggery can be of great help.
  • Kapha Headache – caused due to nasal congestion. Remedy is to clear all the mucus from the system. Use of neti pot, sniffing ayurvedic herb called Vacha, drinking hot ginger tea, inhaling Eucalyptus oil or drinking a concoction made of clove, cardamom, black pepper and cinnamon proves to be beneficial.

Apart from all of this Shriodhara treatment offers comfort in all kinds of recurring headaches. It is an oil based treatment, where warm herbs infused oil is poured slowly on the forehead. The soothing flow of the oil from forehead to scalp reduces stress and relives pain.

As per a study published in 2014 in Global Advances in Health and Medicine, Shirodhara reduces insomnia, the most common complaint faced by primary care practitioners by patients having headache. Post shirodhara % of improvement in patients ranged from 3.85% – 69.57% and none of them reported any adverse effects.

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