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Recurrent and Chronic Shoulder Dislocation

Dr.C Manoj Kumar,Chief Physician, Nagarjuna Ayurvedic Centre Kalady, Kerala


Shoulder joint, a ball and socket joint, allows all movements like rotating, lifting and moving the arm in all directions and angles. The ball (head of the bone on upper arm) is not so prominent and the socket (Glenoid cavity of shoulder bone) is not deep enough to accommodate the ball. So it is easy for the ball to slip out and dislocate. As the joint allows wide range of movements, the structures around the joint like muscles, ligaments and tendons can easily become unstable. This could lead to either partial or complete dislocation of the joint. Once dislocated, the joint is vulnerable and has a tendency to dislocate easily. Frequent dislocation can further damage the deep structures like nerves.

In a condition of repeated shoulder dislocation, repairing the wear and tear and strengthening the structures like muscles, ligaments and tendons is the treatment approach to prevent relapse and associated complications.

Nagarjuna has effective treatments in managing such cases of chronic shoulder dislocation. Reducing the inflammation in and around the joint, improving blood supply to the structures leading to natural wear and tear repair and strengthening is the general protocol of treatment followed.

With appropriate internal medicines, massage of the affected area with selected medicated oils, massage with herbal powder bag (podi kizhi) heated in the appropriate warm medicated oil, massage with herbal leaf bag (ela kizhi) dipped in warm medicated oil, pouring medicated oil all over the body (pizhichil) , cooked medicated rice bag massage (njavara kizhi), , application of the herbal paste on the shoulder, bandage of the affected part with medicated oil. Panchakarma therapies like nasal drops (nasyam) with medicated oil are the procedures usually performed in the management of these condition. Treatments coupled with physiotherapy gives very effective results. After given enough days to reset the structures, patient can do regular and specific exercises to continue strengthening the structures. Nagarjuna has speciality oil and capsules to manage such cases.

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