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Psoriasis Ayurvedic Perspective

Dr.C Manoj Kumar,Chief Physician, Nagarjuna Ayurvedic Centre Kalady


There are different types of skin diseases explained in Ayurveda. Based on the different doshas and dhatu (tissues) involvement, the symptoms will vary. Functional principles (doshas) like vata, pitta, kapha along with rakta (blood), muscles and lymphatic system are involved in the manifestation of skin diseases. Later the bone also gets involved as the condition progresses.

Kitabha kushta and Sidhma kushta are two varieties of skin diseases explained which can be related to plaque psoriasis. 90% of the cases present themselves with this type of psoriasis. Since the deep tissues are involved, extensivePanchakarma therapy is essential in the effective management of the condition.

The treatment is done in three phases. Phase one is to prepare the body for cleansing. It is done with internal and external oleation. Medicated cow’s ghee is given with strict regimen (Snehapanam) for internal oleation. Specific oil is applied all over the body (Ennatheppu) for external oleation. Warm herbal decoction pouring (Kashayadhara) follows the oil application.The second phase is the real cleansing phase, where the impurities are eliminated from the body. This is usually done in the form of emesis (Vamanam) and/or by purgation (virechanam). These procedures have to be done under medical supervision following strict protocols. Medicated oil enema and herbal decoction enema (vasti) are also performed based on the condition of the patient. The phase three is for the healing and maintenance of the positive effects or correction brought about by the previous phases. In this phase, there will be regular oil application all over the body and pouring of continuous stream of medicated butter milk on fore head (takra dhara). Specific internal medicines are also prescribed. Depending upon the nature of the patient and the disease, in each stage of the treatment, physician will select the apt medicines indicated from a group of herbal formulations.

Nagarjuna has its own patented speciality products for the treatment of Psoriasis. Stress is a major factor responsible for the trigger and aggravation of psoriasis. Yoga and meditation classes are also conducted for helping the patient understand the importance of a calm mind.This will help them manage stress.

We also focus on educating the patient and making them aware the importance of good lifestyle and dietary habits for better results. Since psoriasis is a chronic auto immune condition, apart from the lifestyle changes, long term medication, both internal and external, is also necessary for effective management.

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