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Post Traumatic Brain Injuries

Dr.C Manoj Kumar,Chief Physician, Nagarjuna Ayurvedic Centre Kalady


Brain injuries are most common due to heavy impact on head usually due to a fall, direct blow or a road traffic accident. The traumatic brain injury can result in reduced, exaggerated or different physical, cognitive, social, emotional and behavioral symptoms. The acute phase has to be treated at the earliest in a hospital having critical care facility. Most of the persons have excellent recovery after a brain trauma. Once the acute phase is over and the patient become stable, the rehabilitation can start.

Nagarjuna gives focus on rehabilitating the patient’s physical, emotional, cognitive and behavioral symptoms. The common physical symptoms after the trauma are mobility problems like slow movements and poor balance, spasticity leading to stiffness and rigidity with pain on the affected side of the body. Weakness or paralysis, ataxia or irregular and uncontrolled movement affecting the balance, sensory impairment in smell, sight, taste and difficulties with speech are other associated symptoms.

Different types of Ayurvedic therapies and internal medicines are there to treat each of these conditions. The medicines and treatments will help speed up the rehabilitation process. Therapies will help in gaining balance and muscle strength for better mobility, help reducing spasm, rigidity and pain of the affected side. This will also help improve movements in the affected joints. Internal medications and special therapies will improve cognition and perception of senses.

Therapeutic oil massage, Herbal decoction pouring (Kashaya dhara), application of poultice made of herbal powders and leaves after dipped in warm oil (ela kizhi), pouring of continuous stream of oil all over the body (pizhichil), application of poultice made of cooked herbal grains in a mix of herbal decoction and milk (njavara kizhi) are the therapies usually done to manage the physical debilities. Massage of the face with specific oil followed by exposure to steam generated from a combination of milk and herbal decoction and application of special herbal paste on tongue are the special treatments done to manage the speech impairment. Continuous stream of herbal oil on fore head (siro dhara), keeping an oil pool on the head in a container fitted on the head (siro vasti) and internal medications are given in the management of cognition improvement. Major Panchakarma therapies like enema (vasti) with herbal decoction, enema with medicated oil, nasal administration of medicated oil in drops (nasya) are done based on the patient condition. For better results physio therapy also can be combined along with Ayurvedic treatments

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