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Patient Care at Nagarjuna Ayurveda

Dr.C Manoj Kumar,Chief Physician, Nagarjuna Ayurvedic Centre Kalady


In Nagarjuna Ayurvedic Centre, all admissions are done by Chief physician. This is an elaborate process where all health related matters of the patients are documented in detail under the inpatient case record. Every patient is thus assigned a unique identification number. This documentation includes, patients present complaints, history of present complaints, personal history, family history, medication history, treatment history, surgical history, past medical history, history of allergies, patients present diet, life style and habits, menstrual history, height, weight and other relevant symptoms. The 21 point observations as per Ayurvedic diagnostic process is very important for us to assess the condition of the patient as well as the disease. They are Observation of patient (darshana), palpation (sparshana), asking questions relevant to the complaints presented (prashna), pulse reading (nadi), analysis of features of urine (mutram), analysis of features of stool (malam), tongue reading (jihva), features of sound of the patient (sabda), observations in palpation and readings on skin (sparsha), reading of features of eye and sclera (drik), observations of built of patient (akriti), symptoms of aggravation and reduction in functions of functional principles in the body like 3 dosha and 7 types of tissues (dooshya), Geographical area where the patient is living (desha), area of the body where the disease is manifested, physical and mental strength of the patient (bala), strength of the disease, season at which the disease started-increased and treatment is done (kala), patients digestive and metabolic strength (anala), analysis of patients basic constitution (prakriti), age (vaya), tolerance level of the patient (satva), regular habits of the patient especially in diet (satmya), physical and mental activities, food habits (ahara). Detailed evaluation of previous investigation reports are also done and recorded.

Based on the above system, an analysis is done and the constitutional imbalance and diagnosis of the condition which the patient is suffering from, is assessed. In case of an expert opinion, senior Ayurveda or Allopathic professionals are also consulted. For better understanding of the condition, if needed, diagnostic tools like X ray, MRI, USG, blood tests are also arranged.

After the consultation, a tentative treatment plan is charted out. This includes internal medications, external therapies, medicines and treatment materials for external therapies, specific diet, yoga and meditation. Patients who are on other modern medicines are advised to continue the same. If physiotherapy is required, it will be planned in consultation with the physiotherapist.

Once the whole documentation process is complete, the chief physician will explain to the patient in detail about the findings, observations,diagnosis, medicines, therapies and diet with the logic behind this treatment plan. The patient is also detailed about the expected results during his stay and the requirements he has to follow after the treatment for betterresults. The modified, tailor made, diet prescribed and the modifications in therapy from standard SOP will also be documented in the case sheet. The original of which is sent to the canteen and to the captain of the therapy team. Copy of the same is attached along with the case sheetfor furtherreference.

After the detailed first consultation and orientation by the Chief Physician, the patient is handed over to a junior physician (Family physician).He / She will ensure all clinical related advises are followed and delivered in set standards as advised by the chief physician. The junior doctor, in turn, will educate the captain of the therapy team assigned to the patient about their health issues, specific care to be taken in special cases, modifications needed from SOP of a therapy according to the patient’s condition and so on.This ensures the best and most effective delivery of therapy and patient care. Since everything is documented in detail and is sent to the concerned departments in writing, we ensure zero error delivery in patient care. The Chief Physician, junior doctor and the therapy team will remain the same till the completion of the treatment for better understanding and effective clinical delivery. As far as possible, we try to maintain the same team for the patient’s subsequent visits too.

One day prior to the discharge day, the chief physician will assess the patient in detailand educated himabout the changes the treatment has brought about to their system. A detailed discussion about the follow up medicines, modification in diet and life style for the best results, will also be done in the discharge consultation.

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