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Nagarjuna has developed speciality protocols
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Nagarjuna Ayurveda Family Physician

Dr.C Manoj Kumar,Chief Physician, Nagarjuna Ayurvedic Centre Kalady


There is a group of male and female doctors,assisting the Chief physician to ensure the best of clinical delivery. Each of them look after only a few patients so that they can monitor the assigned patient, thereby ensuring personalized care.

These doctors or family physicians, ensure the medicines, therapies, diet, yoga and other integrative therapies are delivered, as prescribed by the Chief Physician and are in compliance with the set standards of the hospital. They visit the therapy room during the therapy, they visit the canteen during preparation of food, they visit the treatment material preparation room and ensure the hygiene in all the above areas.

The family physician will discuss in detail about the health issues of all family members, dear and near of the patient and give appropriate health advises during their stay. They can connect with them through calls and video calls and if needed can arrange a discussion about their concerns with the Chief physician.

If in case the patient has to be taken out for any investigations, to any other expert consultant or in the case of any critical care, if the patient has to be taken to another hospital, the family physician makes the necessary arrangements and accompanies the patient.

They meet all patients in the evening to give them their schedule for the next day and explain everything in detail to them. The schedule contains the time and name of therapy, name of internal medicines, its timings etc. so that the patient can plan their day accordingly.

Every day, before the morning session therapy, the family physician will meet the patient and assess them in detail. On alternate days the Chief Physician also goes with the family physician to meet the patient.

At the time of discharge,the family physician will explain the follow-up medicines, its usage and dosage, dos and don’ts to be followed, based on the detailed discharge summary prepared by the chief physician.

These doctors do regular follow ups with the patient on the 7th , 30th, 90th and 180th day of discharge, to ensure that the patients are following the advises on medicines, modifications in diet and lifestyle. Based on the feedback, if needed, a consultation with the chief physician or medicine changes will be planned and the same is made available to the patient.

On the patient’s next visit, as far as possible, the same family physician, who very well knows the patient history,is assigned.

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