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Multiple Sclerosis Management

Dr.C Manoj Kumar,Chief Physician, Nagarjuna Ayurvedic Centre Kalady


Multiple sclerosis or MS, is a disease affecting the central nervous system including brain and spinal cord. The immune system, which is supposed to protect our body, attacks the covering membrane of the nerve fibres, leading to interruption in communication to various parts of the body. Depending on the type and intensity of nerve affected, the symptoms will vary.

The most common physical symptoms are numbness and weakness on one or more parts of the body on one side, abnormal gait and tremor. Symptoms like electric shock like feelings on bending the neck forward, tingling sensation in different parts of the body, blurred or double vision, partial or complete loss of vision, slurred speech, fatigue, problems with bowel movement , incontinence and/or sexual dysfunction are also seen. In most cases, there will be remission and relapse of the symptoms and few will have steady progression of the condition.

Nagarjuna offers medications and therapies for patient with MS only after proper management of the acute attack. The Ayurvedic treatments will help prevent remission and aid faster recovery from the presenting complaints. Ayurvedic treatments will also help in increasing the intervals between relapses and reducing the intensity and consequences of the repeated relapses. The therapies and internal medications will help in improving the gait, reducing stiffness and tremor control. Specific therapies and internal medicines will help in slowing down the destruction process of the lining membrane of the nerves. When such treatments and therapies are done at the early stages of the disease, patient can avoid developing complications that affects the vision, speech, incontinence and sexual dysfunction.

Specific internal medicines and therapies based on the stage of the disease will help in effective management of the disease. Gentle massage with herbal powders (udvarthana), gentle massage with poultice made of herbal leaves after dipped in warm medicated oil (ela kizhi), continuous stream of pouring of warm medicated oil all over the body (pizhichil), gentle massage with poultice made of cooked herbal grain in a mix of herbal decoction and cows milk (njavara kizhi), keeping a medicated oil pool on the head in a cap fitted on the head (siro vasti), pouring of stream of medicated oil on fore head (siro dhara), keeping medicated ghee in the eyes (netra tarpana), application of medicated paste on the tongue are the procedures usually done in the management of MS. All treatment materials are selected according to the specific condition of each patient. Major Panchakarma therapies like gentle purgation (virechana), enema (vasti) with medicated oil and herbal decoction and nasal administration (nasya) of medicated oil in drops are done. Depending upon the patient’s condition, for better results, physiotherapy is also adopted in selected case.

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