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Iliotibial Band Syndrome

Dr.C Manoj Kumar,Chief Physician, Nagarjuna Ayurvedic Centre Kalady, Kerala


This is a condition usually presenting pain in the lateral aspect of the knee joint, just above the joint line. The pain worsens with activities. It usually happens to the persons who indulges into strenuous walking and running. The reason for the pain is when the ligament connecting part of pelvic bone and the shin bone, due to rubbing over the lower end of the thigh bone getsinflamed. The pain may also radiate to the outer thigh or calf muscle in severe cases.

Ayurvedic management with appropriate internal medicines and external therapies will give relief to the pain and associated complaints. In phase one, therapies and medicines are to reduce the inflammation and relax the band. Phase two treatment and medicines are to reinforce the bands to prevent relapse of the condition. Exercise therapy with the help aPhysiotherapist will help in faster recovery.

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