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Elbow Pain

Dr.C Manoj Kumar,Chief Physician, Nagarjuna Ayurvedic Centre Kalady, Kerala


Elbow is a hinge joint formed by three bones. One bone of the upper arm and two bones of the lower arm. All three bones are connected and held together by muscles and ligaments. The common reasons for elbow joint pain are Golfers elbow and Tennis elbow. Both are basically repetitive stress injuries of the ligaments.

The group of muscles in the fore arm which helps in flexion of the elbow is connected through a tendon to the inner lower part of the bone on upper arm. Inflammation at this area is known as Golfers elbow. This can cause pain on the inner bump of the elbow join, may sometimes radiate to the fore arm and the wrist.

Similarly the group of muscles at the fore arm helps in extension of the elbow joint is attached through a tendon to the outer lower bump of the elbow joint. Inflammation of this tendon can cause pain on the outer bump of elbow joint and may radiate to the fore arm and wrist. This condition is called Tennis elbow.

Both conditions are well managed in Nagarjuna Ayurveda effectively. Therapies and internal medicines to reduce the inflammation, repair the wear and tear and strengthening is the protocol of treatment. Pouring of specific herbal decoction, medicated paste application and bandage, medicated oil pouring and bandage, application of poultice made of lemon mixed with certain herbal powders, application of cooked herbal grains bag (njavara kizhi) are the general therapies followed to manage the condition.

Administration of Agnikarma is very effective for these conditions. This is cauterization on the painful area using a special instrument (Salaaka) made of five metals (Panchaloha).

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