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Computer Vision Syndrome Causes and Symptoms

Dr.C Manoj Kumar,Chief Physician, Nagarjuna Ayurvedic Centre Kalady


Computer vision syndrome is a group of symptoms caused by long duration screen time, both computer and mobile phone. The symptoms affect the eyes, neck and upper back leading to dryness, aching and fatigue of the eye, head ache, neck pain and blurred vision.

Ayurvedic treatments will help rejuvenate the eye and prevent further complications leading to vision deterioration. A general rejuvenation program focusing on the eyes will help in managing this condition effectively. The therapies like whole body therapeutic oil massage, pouring of continuous stream of oil on fore head 9siro dhara), nasal administration of drops of medicated oil (nasya) in each nostrils, head massage, face massage, washing of eyes with specific herbal decoction, keeping a pool of medicated ghee around the eye (netra tarpana) are the procedures usually done in the management of this condition.

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