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Bells palsy - Symptoms and causes

Dr.C Manoj Kumar,Chief Physician, Nagarjuna Ayurvedic Centre Kalady


It is a type of paralysis affecting the muscles of the face. This condition is mostly temporary and with appropriate treatments, the patient recovers almost completely. Inflammation to the facial nerve, viral infections, temporary damage to the nerve are some the known reasons.It can happen to the persons of all age groups.

The condition will result in weakness of the facial muscles on one side.Drooping of eye lid, drooping of corner of the mouth, drooling, tearing from the eye, slurred speech, ringing in the ear, head ache, difficulty in eating and drinking are the common symptoms seen in this condition. All symptoms are on the affected side of the face.

Ardita is a condition explained in Ayurveda with the same symptoms. Vata, the functional principle responsible for movements get aggravated due to various reasons, when afflicts the tendons of the facial muscles leads to development of Ardita. Ayurvedic medicines internally and external therapies will help in reducing the inflammation of the nerve and thereby helping in rehabilitation of the muscles of the affected side.

In Nagarjuna, keeping specific oils on vertex, application of special oil on face and gentle massage on affected side opposite to drooping, nasal administration (nasya) of drops of warm medicated oil are the therapies usually done to manage the condition. Application of herbal paste made of cooked herbal grain in herbal decoction and cow’s milk (njavara theppu), exposure of medicated oil applied face to steam originates from the mix of herbal decoction and cow’s milk (paal puka) are certain specific therapies done in this condition. For better results, along with the conventional Ayurvedic treatment, electro therapy and exercise therapy are also done as part of physiotherapy.

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