Ayurveda treatments for Rheumatism and Arthritis

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Nagarjuna’s Promise

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Unable to stand?
Unable to walk and climb?
Disfigured joints

How Nagarjuna Can Help You!

  • We assist you in making you independent
  • Pain is managed really well with therapies and medicines
  • Strengthening the muscles of affected joints.
  • Coupled with integrated services, toning of the muscles are done
  • Soft tissues around the joint are activated assisting in climbing

Rheumatic Arthritis

Arthritis is inflammation of the joint. The main symptoms are pain and/or stiffness. Usually arthritis is a condition experienced as one grows old. Most common is 50+. Arthritis is general can be classified as 2, degenerative and infective. Both are conditions which are not very easy to handle.

Degeneration is the law of nature. But it can be definitely slowed down if it is happening due to lifestyle issues. One major factor leading to degenerative arthritis is sedentary life and constant trauma on the joints due to excess weight. Weight bearing joints like knees, hip and ankles get affected faster due to obesity and they degenerate faster. Injury and improper handling of the joint can also lead to arthritis.

Infective arthritis are many, but the most common one is Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA). This is an auto-immune condition where in all the joints (especially the small) gets inflamed. This if not handled properlycan lead to disfiguration of the joints. Steroids are usually prescribed for this condition.

Treatment approach for both is slightly different. In the infective type, we have to handle the inflammation first before doing treatment for the joint directly. In Most of the conditions, the inflammation is throughout the body even though it is exhibited only locally. But ultimately, forboth, the treatment is to strengthen the muscles around the joint and tone the soft tissues. Mild to moderate lifestyle changes are also needed to have sustained results.

Remedies to cure Arthritis :

  • Ayurvedic method – As Ama and Vata are the main causative factors, a long term remedy for arthritis should include some in-depth treatment methods to digest Ama and reduce Vata. The digestion should slowly improve from time to time, thus reducing the production of Ama, so that no further Ama is created in the long run. This is a slow, steady, and gradual method, and involves a series of authentic Ayurvedic treatments.
  • Fasting is highly essential to boost the digestion of Ama. Fasting can either be complete or be partial.
  • Light exercises should complement the daily Ayurvedic treatments. The amount and intensity of exercises can vary from person to person, depending on their limits.
  • Liberal intake of fruit juices that are rich in Vitamin C will help enhance the effectiveness of the Ayurvedic anti-arthritis treatments. Vitamin C is highly essential to reduce skeletal pain.
  • Commiphorawightii, commonly known as Guggal, is a highly effective herb to cure arthritis. Based on its availability, Guggal can be taken in one to three gram doses, twice a day, with warm water, right after meals. But make sure to note that Guggal is not recommended for those with kidney diseases or allergies.

Here are a few anti-inflammatory foods that are beneficial for Arthritis patients :

  • Fish such as salmon, mackerel, and tuna – Include fishes in your diet, particularly herring, salmon, mackerel, and sardine, as they are rich on omega 3 fatty acids that help reduce the symptoms of arthritis to a huge extent.
  • Arthritis patients should never fail to include ginger in their food, as it can help cure various rheumatic, neurological, and musculoskeletal illnesses. Having around 5 grams of fresh ginger, about three times a day, can help boost digestion, and thus reduce the formation of Ama
  • Turmeric- A primary compound in turmeric, curcumin has strong anti-inflammatory effects that help avoid morning stiffness and joint swellings, along with boosting the walking capacity of arthritis patients. According to experts, about 2 weeks of curcumin supplementation (roughly 1200 mg per day) can guarantee better results when compared to the after-effect of having other conventional medicines for two weeks.
  • Garlic is widely used in several Ayurvedic medicines, particularly in the anti-arthritis medicine that help relieve the symptoms of arthritis markedly. According to experts, garlic is highly effective in reducing arthritis pain, as it can help prostaglandins control the inflammation and subsequent pain.
  • Other anti-arthritis foods:Raw juice of potato or bitter gourd have been proven highly effective in reducing arthritis symptoms. Celery, especially its fluid extract, can help decrease arthritis related illness. Green stalk of rhubarb is another beneficial food with immense arthritis healing power.