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Nagarjuna has developed speciality protocols
and adopted integrated and holistic approaches “to improve
the quality of life of ailing population”.

Products & Formulations

Nagarjuna Dahasamani

  • Packing : 50 g.
  • Price : INR 30/-
Sanskrit Name Botanical Name
Shariba Hemidesmus indicus
Padmakam Prunus cerasoides
Khadiram Acacia catechu
Shundi Zingiber officinale
Ambu Coleus vettiveroides
Dhaanyakam Coriandrum sativum
Ealam Elettaria cardamomum
Usheeram Vetiveria zizanioides
Mustha Cyperus rotundus
Punarnnava Boerhaavia diffusa
Chandanam Santalum album
Parppatakam Fumaria parviflora

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