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Paralysis is a condition in which a part or the entire body loses its function. When only a part of the body is affected, it is referred to as hemiplegia, while complete paralysis is known as paraplegia.

There are several causes for paralysis, but the two most common reasons are uncontrolled high blood pressure and head injury. In rare cases, tumors can also lead to paralysis. If high blood pressure is the underlying cause, it is often due to an erratic lifestyle. A busy and sedentary lifestyle, improper sleep patterns, obesity, and constant exposure to mental stress can contribute to high blood pressure. Once a person is diagnosed with hypertension, it is crucial not to neglect medication and regular check-ups.

Paralysis is usually a result of brain injury, although spinal cord injuries can also lead to this condition. When one side of the brain is affected, the opposite side of the body becomes paralyzed. Immediate attention is required to prevent the condition from worsening. Ayurveda offers promising management for such cases, with a focus on controlling blood pressure and combining it with physiotherapy. Ayurvedic treatments, both internal and external, have proven to be highly effective in handling paralysis. Early exposure to Ayurveda is crucial for a speedy recovery.

Cerebral haemorrhage is the most common cause of paralysis. It is typically caused by either an injury or an increase in blood pressure leading to a stroke. According to Ayurveda, an excess of Vata, associated with activities such as sleeplessness, overexertion, and consumption of dry and under nourishing food, is the main factor behind cerebral haemorrhage. The aggravated Vata affects the nerves on one side of the body.

Management of paralysis involves controlling clinical parameters like blood pressure and sugar levels. After achieving control, undergoing Panchakarma therapy for the paralytic condition is often the best option. Internal administration and external application of oil are key aspects of treatment. The primary focus is on restoring movement and flexibility to the affected part. Every treatment is designed to reduce Vata and promote healing.

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