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Salakya Tantra is one among the 8 divisions of ayurveda. It deals with the diseases and ailments affecting the part of the body above Jatru (the bone named clavicle) and their treatments.

Netra chikitsa should be given the foremost place in Salakya Tantra because it is eyes that lead us “neeyate anena iti nayana” as the samhitas say “Eyes are the most important among the sense organs (Sarvendriyanam nayanam pradhanam)”

Our body is made up of Pancha maha bhutas – the five great elements. Particular organ is predominant with one among the five-maha bhutas. Eyes are predominant with fire element -“chakshu tejomayam”. So any qualitative and quantitative inequilibrium of fire element due to toxins leads to some problem for the eyes. To bring about this equilibrium one should observe certain eye care activities every day. Control of food and activities of a person help to maintain the equilibrium. Daily colleriyam can prevent the accumulation of phlegm. Ancient masters like Susrutha and Videha describe the diseases of the eyes and their treatment in an elaborate manner. They classify the eye in to five different heads.

  • Krishnamandalam (cornea)
  • Pakshmamandalam (eyelashes)
  • Vartmamanadalam (lids)
  • Suklamandalam (sclera)
  • Drishti (lens)
vartma Pothaki, Anjana namika, Pakshmakopa
sukla Arma (pterigyum)
sandhi Sravarogas
krishna Vranasukla (hypopion ulcer)
Dristi Timira (cataract), Ratryandhyam(night blindness)
Disease of eyes as a whole:- Abhisyanda. (Conjunctivitis)

For this type of diseases the treatments should bring down the aggravated pitha factor. Pouring of thriphala water or applying anjanam is beneficial. But specific treatments should be taken only after consultation with a doctor.

Tarpanam Keeping or Retaining medicated ghee in the eye for a prescribed time.

Procedure Patient should be given a admitted which has no direct exposure to wind, sunlight and dust. Gram paste is applied around both eyes. up to a level where the eyelashes sink in it. It should be retained there for 600, 800 and 1000 matras in kaphas, pitta and vata disorders respectively.

Aschyothanam done in minor eye disease like redness of the eyes, itching, etc…

Anjanam applying medicine with the help of a salake.

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