Lifestyle Diseases

Lifestyle Diseases

The style in which one lives in one’s Lifestyle. We often say that our ancestors had a very good lifestyle and in those days these common diseases like BP, Diabetes, Obesity etc were not very prevalent. One truth is probably they didn’t have too many avenues to distract them or rather lure them to lead a bad life style.

Major lifestyle issues are obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, hormonal imbalance and so on. Major reason for all these conditions is detour from tradition and dependence on modern fast paced life. We get swayed by statements which so called modern researchers publish every other day. They dumped coconut oil to move on to sunflower oil to rice bran oil to mixed vegetable oil to olive oil and back to coconut oil. They now say coconut oil is the best oil. That is also not right. It all depends upon what oil one is traditionally used to.

Stressful home and office environment has led to all above mentioned lifestyle issues. Office timings are bad, centralised A/C, pampering by providing junk food, aerated drinks, irregular sleeping habits, very little leisure, too many gadgets and over indulging in social networking apps have taken its toll on health in general. This results in systemic toxins. These toxins get accumulated over a period of time.

Regular cleansing of the body is the best way to tackle toxins. Accumulation is a continuous process and we have to make detoxification alsoa habit. No other medical science apart from Ayurveda has the concept of body mind cleansing.

High Cholesterol

High cholesterolor hyperlipidemia is a condition where excess of water insoluble lipids or fat is present in the blood. There are mainly two causes. One is excess fat consumption coupled with reduced exercise and the second one is genetic. Major threat with increased cholesterol is heart disease and sometimes acute pancreatitis. Incresed level of LDL (Low density lipoprotein) is bad while HDL(High density lipoprotein) is advised.


Symptoms are not very common. Usually discovered accidently during other screenings. Diabetes and cholesterol go hand in hand. So generally screening for either of these will divulge the other.


Thorough cleansing of the body is extremely necessary in such conditions. Persons with extreme excess of cholesterol are given with lots of fat and then detoxified. Fat removes fat. Proper follow-up with medicines and lifestyle is extremely important for maintaining healthy levels of cholesterol. Alcohol is another contributor to triglycerides. So moderation in fat increasing food is also recommended.

Lifestyle Diseases Treatment Therapies

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