Nagarjuna Sthree Ayurveda

Nagarjuna Sthree Ayurveda is an ayurveda day treatment centre exclusively for women.we have created an experience of Nagarjuna Sthree Ayurveda in the princely ambiance of a heritage home in the city of Cochin royal family-Tripunithura.This institution caters to the “Sthree” of today-the dexterous manager in both personal and professional life-and excelling in both of them equally.

At Nagarjuna we have developed a well-documented protocol for addressing women’s healthcare issues based on evidence based research and studies on case which includes physical,mental and psychosomatic issues woman are exposed in her pre and post menopausal time period.We understand them better than anyone else and created the first experience of Sthree Ayurveda by blending the best of both worlds of medicine..


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Menopause Issues

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Back and Neck

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Bone and Joint

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Gynaec Conditions

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Female Fertility

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Skin Diseases

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Neuro Muscular Diseases

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Obesity and Diabetes

Sthree Ayurveda Signature Programs

  • Ayurveda Detox(Panchakarma) and Rejuvenation Programs – (8 and 14 Days)


  • Leisure and De-stress Programs – (5 and 10 days)


  • Weight Loss and Slimming Programs – (14,21,28 Days)


  • PROMISE – Perimenopausal Issues – (10,15 and 20 Days)

Why Sthree Ayurveda?

From our olden times,all Smrithis advised us to take care of the health and well-being-physical and mental – of “Sthree” or the lady of the house.Her health and well being had a ripple effect on the family as she is omnipresent in the family.Modern day management also points to the fact that women are born managers and are superior than men in many areas.Through the ages Ayurveda had differently and distinctly handled the gender needs of women in catering to their health and well-being.

Today,women are exposed to stress and strain of the personal and professional life while being distinctly different in the health care needs.The fountain of life springs from them which needs special care for the wonderfully complex and delicate structure of women’s body.Women needs special attention to her life style,nutrition,exercise and emotional well-being to stay ath the top of the game.

All Ayurveda treatments are personalised.

Ngarjuna Sthree Ayurveda Centre
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