Herbs in Ayurvedic Medicine

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Date : Nov 07, 2017
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Herbs play a key role in the healing methodology of Ayurveda. They are considered the vessel of Kundalini or spiritual enlightenment of plants, thus possessing the healing power of the cosmos. Ayurveda has discovered the distinctive usage of hundreds of herbs. Each of these herbs has some specific benefits to offer for enriching human lives. In Ayurveda herbs are used for both internal and external healing. Herbal extracts are the main ingredient of most Ayurvedic medicines and it is also used in Aromatherapy and beauty treatments. In the following some of the most beneficial Ayurvedic herbs and their functions have been discussed.




For thousands of years Brahmi has been revered as the best tonic for enhancing brain functions, especially the ability to memorize. Its leaves look surprisingly similar to the human brain. Brahmi is effective in correcting Pitta imbalances. Its juices decalcify the major hormone producing pineal gland inside the brain. In addition, Brahmi synchronizes the functions of the right and left hemispheres of the brain. Another benefit of Brahmi is that this herb stops hair from thinning and promotes the growth of new hair follicles.


Known for its unique ability of retaining youthfulness in individuals, Ashwagandha is an herb that can be used for controlling various diseases ranging from diabetes to blood pressure. It is also a great herb for dispelling anxiety, tension and stress. The best way to consume Ashwagandha is to mix it with boiled milk and honey.


Rubia cordifolia or Manjistha is a powerful blood purifier that cleanses toxins from the body. In Ayurveda, Manjistha is used as for enhancing lymphatic functionality. It is also the ingredient of many Ayurvedic healing formulas. It improves the body’s ability to transport nutrition to the cells efficiently.


Extracted from turmeric, Curcumin has miraculous healing properties. It is highly effective in reducing itching and uneasiness from inflammation. Additionally, Curcumin helps in cleansing the blood vessels, enhancing blood flow, relieving depression and decreasing painfulness of arthritis.


Amla is used individually and as one of the ingredients of Triphala. It is beneficial in rejuvenating people suffering from anemia or blood loss. Those who often fall sick with severe cold and cough may also try consuming Amla for giving their immunity a boost. Amla is one of the trusted Alternative medicinal remedies used by patients who are undergoing chemotherapy.

The Ayurvedic herbs do not just cure but also prepare the body to prevent diseases from setting in. Herbal remedies impart long lasting positive impact on the health sans side effects of chemical infused drugs.

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