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Traditional Ayurvedic Products

Traditional Ayurvedic Products

We manufacture over 500 traditional Ayurvedic drugs and more than 65 patented medicines. Traditional medicines are manufactured as per traditional reference texts. Some of the most popular reference texts are Sahasrayogam, Ashtamgahrudayam, Bhaishajyaratnavali etc. The main categories of the medicines are:

  • Arishtams
  • Asavams
  • Avarthies
  • Choornams
  • Ghruthams
  • Gulikas
  • Kashaayams
  • Kashaayam Tablets
  • Kerams
  • Kuzhambus
  • Lehyams
  • Lepams
  • Rasakriyas
  • Sevyams
  • Thailams/Kerams/Sevyams

Wherever a common dose and common mode of use is mentioned, their specifics are determined finally by the physician depending on the condition of the patient and the nature of disease.

The physician will also determine diets and other activities that need restrictions. Only selected examples for each category have been included here.

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