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NAGARJUNA - Over the counter products

Sl No Product Health effects Pack Sizes
Health Care
1. Nagarjuna Chyavanaprasam Improves Immunity; Antioxidant; Rejuvenative 1 Kg & 500 g
2. Nellikkarishtam (Dhaathryarishtam) Improves digestion & immunity power 450 ml
3. Nagarjuna Dahasamani Herbal powder to prepare drinking water 50 g
4. Digest Drops Relieves Abdominal gas; Improves appetite & digestion 25 ml
5. Kerapookkulaadi Lehyam For care after delivery; Relieves back pain 500 g
6. Special Eladasamoola Lehyam Relieves cough 25 g x (20+1)
7. Thaleesapathradi Tablets Relieves sore throat 25 g x (20+1)
8. BeMan Capsules Male nerve stimulant 10 Tab x 5
9. Nagarjuna Honey Ag' mark A Grade Pure natural Honey; Food supplement 10 Tab x 5
10. Tusker Balm Strong Headache Balm; Relieves cold & nasal congestion 10 g x 24
Child care
11. Brahmiplus Smrithi Granules Brain nourisher; Improves memory power & intelligence 200 g
12. Kidsol Oil Baby Massage Oil; Improves complexion; Prevents skin diseases 100 ml
Hair care
13. Kalindhi Hair Oil Stops & prevents premature greying of Hair 100 ml
14. Dandroff Hair Oil Clears off Dandruff and promotes hair growth 100 ml
15. Nagarjuna Thalipodi Herbal dry shampoo powder 50 g
16. Kidsol Oil Baby Massage Oil; Improves complexion; Prevents skin diseases 100 ml
Dental care
17. Nagarjuna Ayurvedic Tooth Powder Removes tooth stains; Removes tooth aches & bad odour 50 g
Toilet Soaps
18. Nagarjuna Rakthachandan Soap Erases black marks; Good for Pimples 75 g
19. Nagarjuna Elaadi Soap Relives itching & similar skin infestations; Improves complexion 75 g
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