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Director – Nagarjuna Institute for Ayurvedic Research Dr. V. Madhavachandran became the first Ayurvedic Physician to be elected to the National Executive body of Indian Scientists


Dr. V. Madhavachandran, the Director – Nagarjuna Institute for Ayurvedic Research , has been elected as the Joint Secretary of the National Executive of I.A.B.M.S. – the Indian Association of Bio Medical Scientists, thus becoming the First Ayurvedic Physician to get to this coveted position. He was a member of the National Executive of this renowned body for the past 3 years before getting elevated to the current post.

Dr. Madhavachandran is one of the rarest Experimental Pharmacologist in the Ayurveda industry and he heads the Animal Study Unit of Nagarjuna, which is the only one of its kind in Kerala Ayurveda. He has been in the cockpit of the product research activities at Nagarjuna for the past 15 years and has scores of study reports published in many renowned scientific journals to his credit.

Nagarjuna is very proud about this rare feat.

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