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  • When diet is wrong medicine is of no use.When diet is correct medicine is of no need.
  • Taking heavy meals in short durations without earlier meals properly digested produces toxins (AMA).
  • Kala Viruddha (Time against): Intake of cold and dry substances in winter, Pungent and hot substances in summer.
  • Combination of fruit salad, milk & banana should be avoided.
  • One should not take fish along with milk because this combination is Abhishyandi (great obstructer for channels), it vitiates blood.
  • Using Yoghurt with Milk, Fish with Milk, ACHAR (Pickle) with Milk, Honey with Ghee (Butter) are some VIRUDHA AHARA (in competent food) if taken together, they produce a lot of toxins in our body.
  • Taking fish and cheese preparations along with alcohol, this is a deadly combination and can easily lead to skin diseases, because fish with milk products like cheese are contraindicated.
  • Drinking cold water after taking hot tea or coffee is bad (virudha).
  • Consuming Curd at night is not advised.
  • Health Care During Rainy Season : Do-take Honey with Food.(Don't heat honey),Sour and salty tastes, Eat old rice,wheat barly,use Boiled water for Drinking. Don't take the foods which are heavy,Preserved food items and Fruits in Excess. Life style to be adopted -Take proper Ayurvedic Health Care &Detoxification of Pitta. Avoid-Sleeping in day time &heavy Exercise.
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