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Sl No Product Health Benefits Pack
1 Allergin Granules For preventing skin and respiratory allergies 200 g
2 Amruth Jeevan Rasayan Lehyam Anti-ageing supplement rich in natural nutrients, minerals and vitamins 500 g
3 Ayur Nutriplus Granules Protein rich nutritional food supplement for children & adults 200 g
4 BeMan Capsules Male sexual stimulant 100s
5 Brahmi Plus Smrithi Granules Herbal memory booster, especially for children and aged people 200 g
6 Calciplus Tablets Good in osteoporosis, calcium deficiency 100s
7 Calcurid Capsule Urinary calculi 100s
8 Chyavanaprasam Improves Immunity power & vitality 500 g / 1 Kg
9 Dermaplus Cream Relieves scaling and itching skin conditions 50 g
10 Diarid Capsules / Tablets Helps to control diabetes 100s
11 Digest Drops Relieves abdominal pains due to indigestion 25 ml
12 Hepaguard Tablets Helps to protect the liver 100s
13 Immunoplus Granules General Immunity power enhancer; also prevents recurring fevers 200 g
14 Liporid Capsules / Tablets Reduces cholesterol and obesity 100s
15 Mentab Tablet Increases brain power and memory power 100s
1 Nagarjuna Ayurvedic Tooth Powder For tooth whitening and strengthening of gums 50 g
17 Painil Gel Relieves body pain and aches 50 g
18 Pilonil Tablet Relieves piles & haemorrhoids 100s
19 Prostaguard Tablet Helps to reduce prostate enlargement 100s
20 Protekt Tablet Relieves peptic ulcer and excema 100s
21 Psoria Oil For external application to control psoriasis 100 ml
22 Rheumat Capsules / Tablets Relieves rheumatic and arthritic pains and swellings 100s
2 Rheumat Balm / Liniment Relieves Muscular and joint pains and neck pain due to spondylosis 50 g / 30 ml
24 Sciatilon Soft Gel Capsules Relieves lower back pain and pains associated with sciatica 100s
25 Spondylon Soft Gel Capsules Relieves neck and shoulder pains associated with spondylosis 100s
26 Stresnil Tablet Releives Anxiety, stress and insomnia 100s
27 Supres Cough Syrup Expectorant that relieves cough and sore throat 100 ml
28 Tusker Balm Balm for headache 10 g
29 Vigour Plus Granules Enhances male sexual performance 200 g
30 Vital C Herbal Jam Antioxidant that supplements vitamin C 500 g
(Available as Instant-Tea Granules)
1 Cool-T Reduces excess body temperature 250 g
2 Cough-T Relieves cold and cough 250 g
3 Dia-T Controls diabetes and associated complications 250 g
4 Diges-T Improves digestion & appetite 250 g
5 Immuni-T Improves immunity power 250 g
6 Rejuvena-T Helps to delay the ageing process 250 g
7 Slim-T< Reduces obesity & cholesterol; helps in slimming 250 g
8 Stress-T Relieves Stress, reduces anxiety & improves Sleep 250 g
9 Thulsi-T Antioxiadant and expectorant 250 g
10 Flex-T For reducing the vitiated 'Vaatha dosha' - relieves muscular & joint aches 250 g
11 Sooth-T For reducing the vitiated 'Pitha dosha' - reduces excessive body heat 250 g
12 Relax-T For reducing the vitiated 'Kapha dosha' - relieves chest & nasal congestions 250 g
1 Amla Tablets / Capsules Acts as rejuvenative / anti oxidant 100s
2 Arjuna Tablets / Capsules Provides cardiac protection 100s
3 Aswagandha Capsules Nervine support, relieves stress 100s
4 Aswagandha Powder Debility, lack of vigour & vitality 50 g
5 Bala Choornam All types of rheumatic complaints 50 g
6 Brahmi Powder Mental function enhancer, relieves skin diseases & anaemia 50 g
7 Brahmi Tablets / Capsules Memory booster 100s
8 Erandamoola Powder All types of rheumatic complaints and low back pain 50 g
9 Ginger Capsule Effective in flatulence 100g
10 Gudoochi Tablets / Capsules Inflammation reliever 100s
11 Gulgulu Capsules Reduces cholesterol & obesity 100s
12 Kapikachu Tablets / Capsules Improves strength & stamina 100s
13 Mandukaparni Tablets / Capsules Brain nourisher 100s
14 Nisa Powder Relieves Diabetes and intermitent fever 50 g
15 Pippali Capsule Useful in indigestion 100s
16 Punarnava Tablets / Capsules Diuretic, provides iron 100s
17 Sathavari Powder Helps to reduce excess body temperature and stop excess uterine bleeding 50 g
18 Shikakai Powder External use for skin diseases, allergy and dandroff 50 g
19 Thulsi Capsules Antioxidant, supports respiration 100s
1 Flexol Oil (for 'Vaatha') For reducing the vitiated 'Vaatha dosha' - relieving muscular & joint aches 200 ml
2 Soothol Oil (for 'Pitha') For reducing the vitiated 'Pitha dosha' - reduces excessive body heat 200 ml
3 Relaxol Oil (for 'Kapha') For reducing the vititaed 'Kapha dosha' - relaxes & comforts 200 ml
4 Dhanwantharam Thailam For general massages and for post natal massages 200 ml
5 Himasaagara Thailam For head massage to induce sound sleep 200 ml
6 Ksheerabala Thailam For massages in pains with burning sensation and for 'Sirodhaara' 200 ml
7 Maha naarayana Thailam For massages in rheumatic pains and aches 200 ml
1 Dandroff Hair Oil Clears off dandruff 100 ml
2 Eve Bloom Fairness Cream Improving fairness 50 g
3 Eve Blossom Massage Gel Massage Cream for toning the breast 50 g
4 Kidsol Oil Baby Massage Oil for healthy skin and overall growth 100 ml
5 Kumkumaadi Cream Face cream that controls pimples and black marks 50 g
6 Nagarjuna Snana Choornam Herbal bath powder 50 g
7 Nagarjuna Thaali Podi Herbal dry shampoo powder for healthy hair growth 50g
8 Neeli Amla Hair Oil Nourishes the hair and promotes hair growth 100 ml
9 Neem Face Pack Exfoliates and tones up the facial skin 50 g
10 Smooth Gel Relieves foot cracks and smoothens the sole 50 g
11 Sure Relief Gel Relieves back ache, joint pain & lumbago 50 g
1 Nagarjuna Elaadi Bath Soap Relieves itching and other skin problems 75 g
2 Nagarjuna Turmeric Bath Soap Purifies and detoxifies the skin 75 g
3 Nagarjuna Nature Bath Soap Helps for general herbal skin care 75 g
4 Nagarjuna Neem Soap Provides antiseptic protection to the skin 75 g
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