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Nagarjuna - Ethical Proprietary Products

1 CARDOSTAB TABLETS Hypertension and associated symptoms 1-2 bid 100s
2 LIPORID TABLETS Hypercholesterolemia and associated problems 2 bid after food 100s
3 DIARID TABLETS Diabetes mellitus & associated complications 2 tid, before food 100s
4 FINEYE EYE DROPS Clears the Vision, keeps Eyes cool, shining and healthy 1- 5 drops to be applied in both the eyes, 2-5 times daily 10ml
5 PSORIA OIL Psoriasis, Dandruff and other scaling & fungal infections Topical application 100ml
6 ALLERGIN GRANULES Allergies of various types, Urticaria 1 tablespoonful bid 100g
7 PYRID TABLETS Hyperpyrexia 1 tid, after food 100s
8 FLUNIL TABLETS Fever & Flu of different types 1-2 tid 100s
9 HALIN DROPS (SOFT GEL CAPSULES) Common cold, Nasal congestion, Sinusitis Inhale the vapours 50s
10 SUPRES COUGH SYRUP Cough, Sore throat, Common cold Children: 1 teaspoonful tid; Adults: 2 teaspoonful tid 100ml
11 IMMUNOPLUS GRANULES Intermittent fevers, improves Immunity power Children: One teaspoonful bid; Adults: One tablespoonful bid 100g
12 GALACTOPLUS GRANULES Acts as Galactogogue 1 tablespoonful tid 200g
13 LEUCORID TABLETS Leucorrhoea, Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding 2 bid x 21 days, after food 100s
14 NORMEN TABLETS Secondary Amenorrhoea, Oligomenorrhoea 2 bid, after food 100s
14 NORMEN TABLETS Dysmenorrhoea, Pre Menstrual Syndrome< 2 bid x 5 days, after food 100s
15 FEMITONE SYRUP Acts as Uterine Tonic 2 tablespoonful tid 200ml
16 HAEMATONE SYRUP Anaemia and other deficiency conditions 5-10 ml bid 200ml
17 HAEMATAB TABLETS Iron deficiency Anaemia 1 bid x 30 days, after food 100s
18 GASON SYRUP Flatulence, Indigestion 5-10 ml tid, after food 200ml
19 PAEDO SYRUP Indigestion, Loss of appetite and Flatulence in Children 2.5-5 ml tid, after food 100ml
20 CLEAROUT TABLETS For Purgation 1-2 tablets early morning 50s
21 NUTRAL TABLETS (Chewable) Hyper acidity and associated problems 1-2 SOS 100s
22 PROTEKT TABLETS Peptic Ulcer, Pimples and other skin infestations 1 tid, before food 100s
23 PILORID TABLETS Haemorrhoids 1 bid x 21 days, after food 100s
24 PILORID OINTMENT Haemorrhoids Topical application, bid 20g
25 RHEUMARID TABLETS Painful Acute Arthritic conditions 1-2 bid x 5-7 days, after food 100s
26 RHEUMAT TABLETS Chronic Arthritic problems of various types 2 bid initially, followed by 1 bid 100s
27 RHEUMAT BALM Rheumatic & Arthritic pains & inflammations Local application 20g
28 RHEUMAT LINIMENT Rheumatic & Arthritic pains & inflammations Local application 30ml
29 RHEUMAT 90 LIQUID Chronic Arthritic conditions 15ml bid/tid with 45ml hot water 200ml
30 SPONDYLON SOFT GEL CAPSULES Cervical & Lumbar Spondylosis, Brachial neuralgia 2 bid / tid 100s
31 SCIATILON SOFT GEL CAPSULES Sciatica & Lumbar Spondylosis 2 bid / tid 100s
32 CALCIPLUS TABLETS Calcium deficiency conditions like Osteoporosis 1 bid, followed by a cup of milk 100s
33 UREAZE TABLETS Urinary Tract Infections 2 bid 100s
34 COUNT PLUS GRANULES Male infertility and associated problems 15 g bid 200g
* AMRUTH JEEVAN RASAYAN Rejuvenates all-round health 10 g bid for the Herbal Jam & 1 Tab bid for the Tablets 900g & 90s
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