Ayurvedic Treatment Services

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The main activities of NATS are as follows:

  • Propagation and popularisation of Ayurveda with focus on Kerala Ayurveda, incorporating research & modern technology, in order to answer contemporary health problems, in world class standards.
  • Identification, collection, preservation and exploration of the traditional health care knowledge to heal the suffering humanity.
  • Intense research to develop new specific formulations and treatment protocols, integrating modern science & technology, to meet the needs of current health scenario, conforming to prevailing drug standards and norms.
  • Assisting to establish hospitals, wellness centres & specialty clinics.
  • Ensuring the adherence to the unique Nagarjuna standards in facilities, treatment protocols, SOPs & services developed by our R & D.
  • Providing Ayurvedic Physicians, therapists, other technical staff & all products including Ayurvedic medicines and assisting in sourcing medical equipments, as well.
  • Ensuring scientific documentation in each treatment centre.
  • Operating a Centralized system to monitor & ensure the functioning of the satellite centres in accordance with NATS standards.
  • ontinuing on with the Development of scientific treatment protocols for health problems which are major threats to the modern world and Ayurveda has its unique strength, in addition to the already developed ones for the following 9 core group of diseases: Diabetes mellitus (NIDDM), Eye diseases, Male infertility, Rheumatic complaints, Allergy & asthma, Skin diseases, Irritable bowel syndrome, Gynaecological disorders, Life Style disorders.