Ayurveda Glossary: Kerala Ayurveda Terms
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Ayurveda Glossary

  • Agni digestive fire.
  • Arishta &Asavam fermented preparations.
  • Ahara- Food.
  • Ama -Toxins accumulated in body.
  • Balya- childhood.
  • Bala- strength.
  • Bahya –external.
  • Balya-Strengthening.
  • Choorna-powder.
  • Dhara-continues flow of liquid.
  • Dathu Agni –metabolic fire
  • Dhanya-grains.
  • Dathu- tissues of body.
  • Elakizhi –herbal leaves made into bundle for therapeutic use
  • Gritham - Clarified butter used internally & externally, after processing with herbs.
  • Jatharagni - Digestive fire.
  • kashayam –herbal accuse extract.
  • Lehyam –Herbal linctuses.
  • Malas- metabolic wastes.
  • Nasyam –nasal medication
  • Njavara – a special verity of rice.
  • Njavara kizhi –Using njavara rice boiled in herbal decoction & milk, made to bundle used for massage as a rejuvenating therapy.
  • Oushadam –Medicine.
  • Pizhichil – warm herbal oil pored all over body to make high lubrication and sweating as a rejuvenating therapy.
  • Rithu charya- seasonal regime.
  • Rasayana chikithsa –Rejuvinative therapy.
  • Rasakriya –collegiums.
  • Sadvritham – good conducts.
  • Samanam- Palliative Medicine.
  • Sirodhara – continuous systemic poring of any medicated liquid over the for head as treatment.
  • Three doshas – vata, pitta.and Kapha. Functional units of the Body.
  • Taila - oil
  • Tarpanam –one of eye treatments .
  • Upaveda –subsidary of veda
  • Virechana – gurgitation.
  • Vedas -4 rig,yajur.sama& adharva.
  • Yoga – physical and Spiritual exercise to correct health.
  • Yava – a grain
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