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Rejuvenation for healthy life

Emotional pressures & metabolic toxins

Many times the environmental pressures forces to behave in a certain way to aggression and suppression of our emotional feelings. The body secretions become excess or inadequate, leading to abnormalities in the effective metabolism. Metabolism (ability to transform and convert) is the process by which the food we eat is digested and converted to energy in cells through many stages. When metabolism is impaired, the food you eat doesn’t lead to the body element (Dathu) and become the final energy (Ojjas) in your cells. Then what does it become? It forms deficient cell making and toxins in your cells that blocks the micro channels in your body. This affects the physiological functions and cause diseases.

The same problems occur due to improper food and life style. Food habits including contradictory elements taken at improper times and lack of physical exercise, all contribute to poor digestion leading to accumulation of metabolic toxins in our cells.

Ayurvedic Approach to optimizing health

Ayurveda assigns prime importance to prevention rather than cure diseases. Proper care of health through everyday habits (Dinacharya) and seasonal regimen (Ritucharya) has tremendous value in keeping your metabolic systems in best condition.

Ayurveda treats each individual as a special living being, physical, mental and spiritual. Accordingly the diagnosis of problems is very specific. The solutions are person specific. Problems that have cumulated over years can be eliminated in a short time by few weeks of treatment. As a result of the care, your digestion and absorption, metabolism and circulation improves and the self healing property of your body becomes optimal.

Act today wholesomely:

Rejuvenation program leads to correction of metabolic strength resulting in healthy mind, body and spirit. It helps you to evolve as a balanced mature individual. It is always advisable to undergo this care by both husband and wife together so that corrections could be attained simultaneously. The learning programs will help both to understand each other better. It helps to guide and support each other at all times.

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