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Today’s circumstances related to life style is of unhealthy food habits, use of hormones and steroids, adulteration of food stuffs, mindless use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. The vital components for embryo formation, such as sperm and ovum are essentially cells. These cells, for the reasons mentioned above, are polluted, with the result that their effective way of functioning has been tampered with – leading to the probable birth of a progeny with weak genetics.

Clinically the three humours (Tridosha) and the seven elementary substances (Sapta dhatus) get tampered. If the offspring that is born has to be of a high standard, physically, mentally and intellectually, the source from it is born must be pure. In other words, Semen and Ovum must be without any blemish, the mind ought to be pure and the intellect must be endorsed with purpose and scientific logic.

It is in this context that the cleansing and purification process in Ayurveda achieves paramount importance. Cleansing regimen or therapy purifies every cell, source and motion of the human body, making it possible to give birth to an off spring of all round quality.

The purification therapy covers all this – the semen, ovum, uterus and related sources. Therefore it is highly advisable for the husband and wife to under go this therapy together to ensure better result. Purification of the physical body results in achieving brilliance.

It goes without saying that God’s grace is most vital in the context of reproduction, the most divine grace of living beings. There is a historical reference to this science. Shri Shri Sankaracharya’s mother, Aryamba had resorted to a prolonged fast and abstinence In order to obtain a progeny. She had a vision of Lord Shiva, well known among his devotees as one swift in awarding munificence. Aryamba implored the Lord for a son! The Lord asked her whether she wants a son who is wise and brilliant and energetic or one who is valiant and has long life. Aryamba replied she wishes to have the former. Thus a great philosophical intellect was born.

Spiritual health is important as well. And that is the result of one’s good deeds of the past as well as the elimination of the undesirable results of bad deeds. Therefore the purification therapy envisages cleansing of the totality of the human being. As Ayurveda teaches, the results of a complete purification extend to the coming generations as well.

Therefore purification of mind, cleansing of deeds and invoking of God’s blessings in abundance are part of purification therapy, program prepared specifically for obtaining a progeny, at Nagarjuna Ayurvedic Centre. It could be a real boon to do the program at Kalady, the birth place of Adi Sankara. If you are planning for a healthy child, then write to us to know more about this science.

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